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Jun 4, 2007 06:09 PM

Memphis-Friday Night

My two teenage sons , 15-16, and I are taking my wife to Memphis for her birthday dinner. She loves Tsunami and Bonefish. She likes Automatic Slims and Sawaddi. Looking for a recommendation of a different place. Is Spindini good? Blue Fish? Thanks.

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  1. Try Encore at Peabody Place

    1. I second Encore - sounds like she's a seafood fan, and I've had some excellent seafood dishes there. I've heard mixed reviews on Spindini (that it's more of a hot spot than a chow spot) and Blue Fish is good but overpriced.

      1. I have to agree with everyone else, go to Encore. Although since you're going on Friday night, you'll need a reservation.

        1. I am the dissenter on Encore. I haven't had good experiences there. Spindini's food is not very good. I agree that Blue Fish can be good but is overpriced. Other thoughts are Cielo, Beauty Shop, and Interim.

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            You can't go wrong with Jarrett's. Not a seafood restaurant by any means, but Rick Farmer does amazing things with fish and seafood. Superb!
            And oddly enough, even though it's a chain restaurant, Amerigo is really good. They do an excellent cedar plank sea bass.