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Jun 4, 2007 05:58 PM

Looking for a source for boilable bags

The crew at work (yes we are bored) wants to try those omelets that you boil in Ziploc baggies but after reading on the internet that Ziplocs were not made for that, I'm wondering if anybody knows of another source for a sealable bag that would be safe to boil in? I don't really want to have to buy a Seal a Meal for this little project.

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  1. Bradley's Plastic Bags in Los Angeles has 3.2 mil boilable/microwaveable bags. I've used Bradley's for other storage bags.

    Look under special purpose films.

    1. You can also use Foodsaver bags. Of course this means you have to have a Foodsaver to seal the bags. But maybe someone in the office has one. I suspect if they did they would have already mentioned this aspect.

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        This is the first I hear about omelettes that you boil in a bag. What about those normal cooking bags or the ones they have now to line a slow cooker? Maybe too large?

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          Thanks for the responses on this! Apparently on one of the cooking shows, somebody came up with this as an idea for camping. They said to put 3 eggs in each Ziploc baggie, add your preferred omelet ingredients (probably precooked), boil them for 13-15 minutes and you supposedly have some kind of steamed eggs. I guess the Ziploc people were inundated after that segment and have said that under no circumstances should you boil in any kind of Ziploc bag because they are not meant to hold up to that kind of heat. I'm not anxious myself to ingest melted plastic and I'm trying desperately to find an alternate source of bags before this project gets brought up again! I will look at the cooking bags or I might have to resort to ordering some.

      2. Hmmm.... I’ve used Ziploc to do “boil-in-bag” type things many times with no problems. I always use the freezer ones and usually don’t keep it at a hard, rolling boil for long. Just enough to get started, and then hold things to a gentle simmer. Or boil for a few minutes, put a lid on, turn off the heat and let it sit in the hot water. I always use the freezer bags because they seem more sturdy and the seal seems stronger. I’m pretty sure your egg thing would work fine. I don’t think you’d want to keep that at a strong boil anyway. Just like when making HB eggs. A simmer keeps them from getting too “rubbery”.

        By the way. the reason I use the Ziplocs in water is that I don’t have a microwave, and it’s one way I’ve found of making frozen dinners.

        But maybe the people at Ziploc are right and I’ve just been lucky so far. Or I’m slowly dying of Ziploc poisoning.

        Use at your own risk.

        Uncle Ira

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          Yeah, I've been put right in the middle of this little issue. Part of the people are saying that Ziploc is just doing some CYA and to not worry about it and then I've got the other side saying that they won't participate if I don't come up with a different solution. Maybe we will just eat oatmeal for our next breakfast day!

        2. The original comment has been removed