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Jun 4, 2007 05:51 PM

Killer breakfast along 101?

Looking for a great breakfast cafe/diner along 101 between Santa Barbara and Big Sur. Thanks!

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  1. Bon Temps Creole Cafe at the Hwy 1 south onramp to 101 in SLO.

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    1. re: PolarBear

      ....and since this is where 101 ends on a SB to BS run, I'd second this place.

      m-m-m-m-m....creamed spinach and artichoke hearts omelette....grits.....

      If you're coming over San Marcos Pass (Highway 154) to catch 101 just north of Los Olivos, I also like the cafe on the main st. in Santa Ynez. Very local vibe, old-timey.
      Counter seats ot watch the cook on the flattop, or some very casual tables. m-m-m-m-m....linguisa and eggs!

    2. ellen's danish pancake house in buellton. it's off of avenue of the flags and has some of the best danish pancakes. you could also make a stop in solvang for some pastries, but that's a little more out of the way.

      1. Panolivo in Paso Robles.

        1. Hoover’s Beef Palace in Templeton JSO Paso Robles.Probably less than 1/2 mile off the 101. They do a serious breakfast if you're hungry.
          This is hearty food done right, not nibble on fruit and croissants fare. Working cowhands and farmers eat there: it's classic Americana straight out of Texas or the Midwest.
          I consider it the perfect follow-up to the wineing and dining of Paso Robles