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Jun 4, 2007 05:44 PM

Queens Quay

Hi Guys,

I've just moved to a new (to me anyway) condo on Queens Quay near York, and I'm interested what sort of reccommendatiions you have for restaurants within a short walking distance?

Also who's great and delivers to this area?


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  1. Pearl - a Chinese place in queens Quay is one of my faves, and really the only decent place I know in that area. Don't think they deliver.

    1. Double Dragon on Spadina/Richmond area. Good chinese/thai food. Very fresh and healthy, unlike other chinese places. They use minimal oil in their cooking.....figure friendly. i think they deliver in your area as well..

      1. The Tandouri Grill on Queens Quay is not bad. Definitely not the best Indian food in the city, but not bad, close and they deliver. The Tikka Masala is generally good. I like the Tandouri Wraps too.

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          There used to be a really great Japanese restaurant in the building right across from the Harbour Castle. You have to go around the back side (looking towards Lakeshore Blvd). Not sure if it is still there. Great food, cheap prices and they have little individual rooms.
          Would love to know if it's still there. Used to work in the Terminal Building and not sure what is still around anymore.

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            Yes Oyshi Sushi is still there. However I prefer the Ichiban Sushi at 262 QQW. Prices are a tad higher but portions are good. The Chirashi Sushi has 3 times the amount of fish compared to some others I've had across town.

            There's also "Spice Thai" at 250 QQW, facing the parkette. Not bad but a bit skimpy on ingredients.

            Do not, repeat, *** DO NOT *** go to the "Captain John's Restaurant" on the boat docked at the foot of Yonge Street.

        2. Haven't been in over a year, but the Pink Pearl in the terminal is fairly decent, and somehwhat more upmarket than most Chinese places.

          And, believe it or not, the bar at the Il Fornello is not a bad place to have a glass of wine before a show.

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            Agree with the Pearl - I go there often. The dim sum at lunch (carts) is fine, and at dinner the stuffed crab claws are yum. Service is good and efficient, and it's a decent place despite the tourist trap location. Nice view over the lake too, great place to take out of town visitors.

          2. Used to live near there, but it's been several months, so my input may not be fully accurate.

            Oysi Oyster (at Yonge) is pretty good. Ichiban (250 QQ) has a terrific chirashi I had regularly. They tend to put lettucey bits in all their rolls, though, which I don't care for. And the unagi is microwaved.

            Porticello (Maple Leaf Quay) used to be *amazing*, but I haven't been in a long time. Wine markups were unconscionable, however.

            A relatively short walk/trek up to Adelaide & Simcoe has Fune, my personal favorite Japanese place. Always great salmon. And uni. Yum.

            Harbour Grille is actually a pretty decent "sports bar", overall. Not high-end, but they aspire to better than greasy fries and scraggly wings, and it shows.

            Captain John's is a tourist trap.

            Pearl in QQTerminal has tasty dim sum, though I'm not expert on that.

            Enjoy the area! And be prepared for the crazy-insane traffic alllll summer.

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            1. re: Smalph

              Harbour grill has some decent stuff if you look through the menu, and if you're the sports type it's awesome, especially after leafs games, the announcers etc. go there for a nightcap. I had nachos next to Mike Keenan.

              although, they put lettuce on their nachos, but maybe they just do that because I ask for them without tomatoes....