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Jun 4, 2007 04:58 PM

Would like recent reviews for these Rome restaurants

We will be in Rome this July and would love to hear some recent reviews for these restaurants. Thanks in advance

Natalino and Maurizio
Al Presidente
Otello alla Concordia
Quincy and Gabrileli
La Rosetta
Da Giggetto

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  1. I like Al Presidente, but haven't been for a couple of years. Still gets good marks in Gambero Rosso. I keep hearing good reports about Pierluigi but haven't been. Otello is awful, Quinzi e Gab awful and expensive. I hate La Rosetta but recognize that the food is excellent; it's the rest of it I don't like. Giggetto is awful (for that repertoire Piperno is better, and we go to Paris in Trastevere for it), but somebody told me the mother has resumed command and it's improving. Also sometimes it's just what you need for logistical reasons. Passetto I think is probably OK if you're a senator, but have no recent info. Edy is OK if you're in the neighborhood but I wouldn't cross town for it.

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      I had a very nice lunch at Piperno due to your previous comments, but I got a bit of a sticker shock when I opened the menu -- are the other places in the same price range, because it struck me as pretty expensive?

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        Your list ranges from the bargain (Edy) to the outrageous (Camponeschi and Quinzi) with Rosetta close to outrageous but saved by its quality. Piperno is considered expensive, and in fact we go to Paris (the Trastevere restaurant, not France) for the Roman Jewish dishes, which is a notch lower, but honestly when I see what I pay around here to give a dinner party for my friends, almost none of the restaurants seem unreasonable. In any case, sticker shock shouldn't be an issue as menus are almost always posted outside, so you can always run away if the prices look too high.
        I haven't been to Sabatini in decades, but I think it's quite high too.

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        Why hate La Rosetta? I have a reservation there in late July. Any better recommendations. I need a Sunday night place also.

      3. Sabatini -- ok food, best for for al fresco with a splendid view of Santa Maria in Trastevere.

        La Rosetta -- had fine food and appalling service back in 2004. But I'd be a grump too if I had to put up with the equally rude Yankees (in our Dixie meaning of the word0 whom I saw entering.

        Camponeschi -- good food, though expensive, service outstanding; to eat outside and enjoy a view of Rome's most beautiful palazzo is worth it. Ate there last March 2006

        Da Giggetto. mediocre food, bad service back in 2004

        Passeto. Ate there last 2002. Too long ago.

        1. We had dinner at Caponeschi last month. It was excellent--the food, the wine, the service and the ambiance. Sure, pricey, but it really wasn't all that bad given how wonderful the experience was. Note that the beautiful fountain in front was boarded up a month ago, so if that's important to you, make a call before going.

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            Cherie, What other restaurants did you enjoy ? We are foodies and this is our 3rd year in a row in Rome. We would love to try some new places that have recent rave reviews. Thanks so much....

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              Well, we only had three nights in Rome. I would also really recommend Al Bric, especially if you are into wine. It is just outside of Campo de Fiori. The feel was nice and cozy, with a huge wine selection. We had amazing cheeses and cured meats, followed by a couple of pastas that I am still daydreaming about.
              We also went to Al Ceppo, but it had its pluses and minuses, so I can't really recommend it. Wish I could have gone to more places.

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                Thanks Cherie, Anyone else have some restaurants that they have been to recently in Rome that they really enjoyed. We are leaving in July and want to make some reservations before hand. Camponeschi is a favorite of ours so its a sure thing. Other than that we are wide open.......