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My Knives are SO Dull!!

I'm an avid cook! And if you could see my knives it shows!

I'm new to NYC and I am wondering if anyone knows of a reputable place where I can get my knives sharpened. Thanks for your help.

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  1. There's a booth in Chelsea Market. I haven't used it so can't vouch for quality.

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      I go to Chelsea Market (Samurai Sharpening Service 212-942-5228) or have a friend who fishes use my sharpening stone. I have a case for all my knives. A good investment if you don't already have one (Broadway Panhandler has a nice selection to choose from). It was better when Markt was near by - drop off knives, go have a beer and some mussels . . .

    2. The place in Chelsea Market is pretty good, but it might be kind of strange to lug around a big knife on the subway. You could aso buy a knife sharpener. It doesn't take too much skill to operate--otherwise I wouldn't be able to use it. My Wusthof knife life two-stage sharpener works pretty well.

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        Dude, don't worry about it. ALL of us professional Chefs carry around major cutlery pretty much all the time. It IS a good thing to learn how to do yourself, though. The guys at B'way Panhandler or J.B. Prince can sell you a stone and teach you how use it.

      2. Lucia and cimui are referring to the woman who goes by the name of Samurai Knife Sharpening. She sets up shop on Wednesdays and Saturdays in front of Bowery Kitchen Supplies. I brought her two knives that were in horrible condition, and she did quite a good job with them. Not too expensive either.

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          Took a knife class at ICE. They recommended the booth at Chelsea Market or Broadway Panhandler for knife sharpening in the city. There were also some by mail options online that I'll report back on later.

        2. Henry Westpfal, at 105 West 30th.

          1. JAG123. welcome to nyc.

            I've used both the Samarui Knife sharpener and Westphal, and of the two, I prefer Samarui. She'll sharpen them on the spot for you, in an hour or so, so you don't need to drop them off and wait for days.

            Broadway Panhandler has a service also....on East 8th St. near Broadway.

            1. Henry Westpfal is THE place; they use some kind of a cold water method that is supposed to be the best for your knives. Another possibility is Holley Knives in Connecticut; they will send you a mailer to pack your knives for mailing. Those are the two recommended by ICE. Whatever you do, DO NOT use those guys who drive around the city in the green truck; they will ruin your knives. I learned this the hard way!


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                A lot of chefs go to Korin (Tribeca off a side street) - that is where I am taking mine. When I did a downtown culinary tour (restaurants, shops, bakeries, wine stores, etc...) where we stopped there and the master sharpener gave us a demo. I think the knives he was sharpening in the demo were Mario Batali's or some other famous chefs knives. They have incredible knives for sale as well.

              2. Just to add a caveat... I believe I read within the last month or so, that Henry Westpfal
                went out of business. I did use them in the past, and was satisfied with their work(although I did have to wait one week to get my knives back).
                There is a cook shop in Brooklyn, right next door to Sahad's where they also sharpen knives.
                Good luck

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                  That was going to be my question about Westpfal - I had my knives sharpened there a few months ago (and thought they did a great job), but the woman who worked there told me they might be out of business by May. Apparently, they lost their lease, but found another space that then fell through. She told me there were continuing to look, but didn't think they'd be able to find anything.

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                    I called Westpfal and they have moved, although they're closed right now for vacation. Didn't write down the new address, but somewhere in the 20s.

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                      westpfal reopened on 115 W. 25th, b/w sixth & seventh.

                2. I use the insert for my draw to keep them sharp. Contact a reseteraunt that you frequent, or market and ask the butcher when they get them sharpened, they might let you pay cash and join in. I use the WErstoff knife sharpener withthe four wheels, you just pull your knife through, it does a very good job. Talk to the folks at Whole Foods.

                  1. If you have a local butcher in your neighborhood, ask them.

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                      The teacher of the knfe class at ICE told us NOT to ask a local butcher..that they would ruin the knives. (I had my own butcher sharpen mine long ago but much preferred Westphal). Are they really closed?

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                        No, no....ask them where to get your knives sharpened. Or give them a shot if you trust them. My guy does a great job.

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                          Westpfal has moved to 115 West 25th Street at 6th Avenue

                      2. I saw in the Food section of the times that Macy's was offereing a class.

                        1. I've tried Broadway Panhandler and wasn't completely happy with their service - they are friendly and everything, I just didn't care for how the knives performed after sharpening.

                          So since then we switched to Ace Grinding on Mulberry and they do a great job.

                          1. I went to the lady in Chelsea Market and she did a fine job for me. I was at a knife class mixed with a dozen or so amateurs and students currently in chef school, and they all recommended her. They also shared their horror stories about the guy in the truck someone mentioned earlier.

                            1. I second the knife master at Korin. 57 Warren in Tribeca