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Jun 4, 2007 04:32 PM

Peasant or Orchard for a double date?


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  1. The Orchard is more intimate, Peasant more of a loud, bustling, spare space. The food is equally good, but somewhat different, at each, so take a look at the menu and see which one appeals.

    1. We've eaten at both, multiple times. We like both places. I agree that Orchard is more the intimate restaurant. Peasant has the more rustic dishes and ambiance.

      1. Peasant-but make sure you go to the downstairs wine cellar/grotto for the intimate experience...

        1. while i have not been to orchard, i have to chime in about peasant. i'm not a big fan. i think the whole translation of the menu so tedious and irritating. i think it would take up too much double date chatting time...

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          1. re: ceeceee

            just so you know, the last two menus have had the english translations on them. (the last winter menu and the new spring/summer one)
            I am definitely not a big fan of the upstairs space but the downstairs is a completely different experience.

            1. re: scanditrash

              great! last time i was there was before christmas and it was still all in italian.

              the food is pretty good, not my favorite italian, but enjoyable. i love the lasagna.
              now that they have finally translated the menu, i would go back. i hated sitting there while the waitress explained the menu. it took like 10-15 minutes and by the time she finished i forgot all the stuff at the beginning.

              1. re: ceeceee

                unfortunately the lasagna is not on the summer menu (its by far my favorite dish there) but they promised it would be back come the fall...