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Jun 4, 2007 04:26 PM
Discussion gift certificate?


My much-loved boss is moving to the San Diego area soon. The going-away party is this Friday. We'd like to give her a restaurant gift certificate that she could use at a variety of restaurants, since we're not sure exactly where she and her partner are moving, or what kind of restaurants they prefer. (Kinda like Spafinder, but for food!) The only thing I've found is from -- has anyone ever ordered their certificates? I'd just like to confirm that they're easy to use, etc.


(Man, I hope she's not reading this. ;p)

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  1. You might look into Diner's Deck for San Diego which look pretty promising. They cover some interesting restaurants. The disadvantage would be that the coupons have to be used by end of 2007.

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      I have the diner's deck and they are great--a good way to be introduced to the San Diego restaurant scene. To be honest, some of the restaurants are not very good--but some are.
      You technically only need to use four to make up the cost. I have not used the above mentioned source but perhaps you could scan the boards and pick three restaurants that sound interesting in different areas of the city/county.

      For example:
      Del Mar: Market Restaurant
      La Jolla: Marine Room, Tapenade, or Roppongi's (great happy hour)
      Downtown: Oceanaire.

      There is a family of different restaurants owned by The Cohen Group. Some like the restaurants some don't but I think if you buy a GC from them they can be used at all their restaurants (at least this is how it worked in the past).

      1. re: jturtle

        Diner's Deck is cool! I hadn't seen that before (I'm totally bookmarking it). We'd really rather get her something that would totally pay for the meal, though. We have about $150 to spend on the GC and shipping.

        I found the website for Cohn Group. Some of their restaurants are also on the GC listing (which includes Acqua Al 2, Aqua Blu, Bella Luna, Bertrand at Mister A's, Blue Point, Chianti, Chive, Crab Catcher, Dakota Grill, De Medici, Delirio's, El Agave, Fresh[er], Georges on Fifth, Greystone the Steakhouse, Indigo Grill, Island Prime, Jack's La Jolla - Dining Room, Jack's La Jolla - Grille, Jack's La Jolla - Ocean Room, Kemo Sabe, La Fiesta, Laurel, MAX New York, Mille Fleurs, Mister Tiki Mai Tai Lounge, Ocean Room, Osetra - The Fish House, Osteria Panevino, Prado, Sante Ristorante, Tapenade). Hmm.

        1. re: wintersweet

          That is a good list. Perhaps buy the and recommend some restaurants from it. I would say the most "fabulous" in terms of food/scenery and a welcome to San Diego are: Bertrand's at Mister A's (beautiful view) and Tapenade, in La Jolla and wonderful food. The Prado is hit or miss but is in Balboa Park and sitting outside is a wonderful place to dine and soak up the great weather.

          1. re: jturtle

            Oh, right, I remember walking around Prado last time I was in Balboa Park. The setting's nice enough I imagine they could get away with being pretty mediocre. ;p

            Thanks again!