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Jun 4, 2007 04:04 PM

vegetarian pizza?

who does the best vegetable laden pizza? anyone make it with a whole grain cust?

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  1. Abbot's Pizza in Venice has a veggie pizza that you can order with or without cheese. My sis is a vegan, and she truly enjoyed it without cheese, but she is vegan so what she and I consider great are not often the same... I do like this pizza with cheese...

    Abbot's also has a salad pizza - literally a nice green salad presented on a slice of pizza - I do truly enjoy that one as well, especially when the Hass avo's are running really rich and buttery - Abbot's is fairly generous with chunks of these avo's...

    1. CPK does a whole grain crust and will do extra thin and crispy if you like.

      Caioti Pizza Cafe
      Joe Peeps
      These both do "laden"

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      1. re: Emme

        since the cpk wheat crust is horrible, the thinner the better.

      2. Vito's is the BEST! No whole grain crust though.

        1. Not sure if you're looking for a vegetarian pizza (no cheese) or a vegetable pizza, but I'd suggest Zelo's in Arcadia ( - it's a unique, deep-dishish pizza with a corn crust, and is oddly addictive.

          1. I love Vito's -- don't get me wrong, it's the best pizza in LA -- but I don't like his vegetarian pizza. The veggie pizza at Albano's is the best -- with the fried eggplant, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Just don't let it get cold.

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              Follow Your Heart in Sherman Oaks has great pizza, with as many veggies on it as you'd like. And whole grain crust. It's awesome! (And you can get non-dairy cheese, if you like.)

                1. re: hippodeir

                  that's so weird. i had it today! but it was really odd yeasty white doughy crust and i had the vegan cheese which was cold and unmelted on top. but the vegies were great!