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Jun 4, 2007 03:43 PM


A co-worker just asked me about a restaurant he saw around 18th and Guerrero called Farina. I saw the blip awhile back in SF Gate but he says it now looks open. Anybody have confirmation? Thanks!

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  1. It did not look open when I passed by yesterday, but did look close. I saw what looked like people filling out job applications.

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      I drove by tonight and it looked like they may have had a private dinner...? Or something. It certainly looks ready to open any day. No website that I could find. The place looks cool and it would be fun to go before the crowds descend. I live a few blocks away and although it is fun to live in the heart of the great restaurants getting a reservation is the same!

    2. According to tablehooper Farina opens tomorrow (Wednesday).

      1. Opening party was tuesday nite and open to public Wed (last nite). Went for dinner and it was so incredibly overpriced for what is was that i found it insulting. I just returned from Genoa so the food was good and foccacia authentic which was nice but prices not accurate at all. They do not have a liquor licence yet so send you accross the street to Bi-Rite to buy a bottle of wine and bring back with no corkage fee. The service was fine with a few kinks to be expected but overall a comfy place with nice people.

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          What is the price range for pastas? Thanks!

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            I just remember my primi hankercheif pasta with pesto was $16 and that was probably one of the lowest price because no meat. Not an expensive dish to make and very small as a primi plate. My fish of the day entree was a piece of halibut that didn't even taste fresh and had 1 cherry tomato, a few white potatoes and 1 olive. I swear. No flavor, no nuthin' and it was $25. Absurd.

            1. re: linda22

              Ouch! I wish they had a web site so I could see the menu.

              1. re: chaddict

                I was there last night as well. Nice place and friendly service but I agree the prices are a little steep for a casual place. I like that the pastas are "side" portions but they start at $16 if my memory serves me which seems crazy expensive. Had a main course of halibut that was pretty good. I thought the menu was pretty limited and there are no salads on menue although server indicated they would make me a green salad if I wanted one.

              2. re: linda22

                $16 for a primi plate of pesto is downright offensive.

                1. re: Morton the Mousse

                  Considering that they import pine nuts from Italy to get the right flavor, that does not seem offensive to me. A friend who is in the business once told me that Chez Panisse is barely making a profit given the quality of the ingredients that they serve.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. We just had dinner and I have to strongly agree with the majority, what a joke !! They would have done just fine maybe in the Castro but Delfina (& Pizzaria) and Range have nothing to worry about...We had the white fish carpaccio, cheese foccacia and a pasta with walnut cream sauce ...It was good, not great and the cost was $50 for those three courses only...For that much money I expected the food to be fantastic and it just wasn't...Nothing was seasonal that we could tell, the bread was good but the foccacia was greasy. With the Bay Area Italian choices of Oliveto, Incanto, Quince, A16 and Delfina- there is no comparison...PS I know they are not the same region, I am self-admittedly generalizing italian food into one lump sum, if Farina is accurate for Genova- then I know why I have never eaten at a Genova-ian italian place...

              As a side note, the staff are in jeans and Ralph Lauren Polo-ish shirts, they were nervous and didn't seem to be enjoying themselves probably due to the creepy Mr Howell type grumpy older man...sigh, too bad its at the end of our street- how I wish it was Range !!!

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                omg Mr. Howell! that's hilarious! It WAS Mr. Howell roaming around!

                1. re: linda22

                  Sorry to be dense but who is Mr. Howell?

                  Also sorry that the experiences have been so poor and the prices so high. I live in the neighborhood and have been eagerly awaiting another good restauarant a few blocks away. Delfina is always packed and not on opentable so I rarely get it together early enough to get us a reservation. Will appreciate any other opinions and will post one when we get there.

                  1. re: sfdoc

                    They're referring to the character of Thurston Howell III from "Gilligan's Island."

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                      I was going to go last night but I ran it past a friend who lives around the corner and who I actually trust for recommendations, ("___, have you been to Farina yet? Should I go to there or someplace else?").

                      Her exact reply was "Farina BLOWS. Do. Not. Go."

                      I can't think of the last time she has been so definitatively negative, usually she just steers me away from the bad stuff or let's me know the negative aspects of a place so I'm prepared.