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Jun 4, 2007 02:42 PM

Boar's Head meat

Anyone know where I can get Boar's Head brand lunchmeats in the Division/LaSalle area? That's the edge of Old Town/Gold Coast/No Man's Land.

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  1. I don't guarantee that they have it, but try Treasure Island at North and Wells. I'm sure the one on Clybourn stocks it.

    I'm personally not a fan, but I hope this helps.

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    1. re: gleam

      *all* TI carries is...urgh...Boar's Head

      1. re: aelph

        So, just out of curiosity, what brand of fresh deli meat is better than Boar's Head? It's about the best I've found, but I've always thought there must be better somewhere!

        1. re: wineaux

          I kid...

          Boar's Head used to be good...over the years as they've proliferated I think quality's declined...

          ...having said that, it's usually the best choice unless a market makes their own...for instance Potash Bros.(at least the one next door to The Latin School) offers a mighty-fine house-made roast beast...

          they also carry the Boar's Head line and, when out of their own beef, will attempt to sell you that in it's stead

          fyi: when buying, for instance, roast beef I'm looking for a product that tastes primarily of beef not spices/injections etc. I also prefer it rare as possible and "dry" as opposed to gleaming slickly with processing juices and unguents(as found in lesser beefs).

          1. re: aelph

            In reference to the quality of Boar's Head products - I have heard that Meyer's Deli in Lincoln Square closed in large part because the new owner started carrying Boar's Head - outraging their German-American clientelle, who then stopped shopping there en masse.

        2. re: aelph

          FYI, the closet TI in your area should be on Clark and Elm.

      2. At North and Sheffield (a bit west of where you are), there's a bagel place, NYC Bagel, that has Boar's Head.

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        1. re: rubinow

          Peopod has it

          Anyone know anywhere close to Logan Square that carries Boars head?