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Jun 4, 2007 02:31 PM

[PDX] Green Onions is closing

Green Onions located at Flavel and SE 82nd is closing.
This little gem of a Chinese restaurant offered simple, great tasting comfort food. Mostly soup noodles, lo mein and rice plates made with house-made bbq’d meats. Their Shui Kau was by far the best I have had outside of Asia

Some of their posted specials were things that I only had in Asia - TanTan Mein and Hoi Ko Ro were two of my favorites that captured the exact flavors of Chinese cooking as if I were in Hong Kong.

On a recent visit, the owner pointed out a table of guests from Eugene, who would make a weekly trek to Portland for their food. People from all over came to Green Onions because the food was just that GOOD!

Green Onions will be missed... A great loss for Portland dining


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  1. Why, oh why?! That makes me sad. I did not eat there enough, but I sure liked it. Do you happen to know when it will serve its final tasty meal?