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Jun 4, 2007 02:30 PM

Waterfalls on Atlantic Ave

Havent seen a post about Waterfalls of late and I just wanted to sing its praises.

I have been there about three times in the past month and I could eat there every week the food is so good. We have done sit down and take out and both work great.

We've gotten:
the chicken schwarma sandwich moist and tasty and even holds up well the next day.
greek pie with spinach and cheese - hearty and filling
grape leaves - a very generous portion maybe six

the highlight: the vegetarian platter. there's like 8 or 10 different items. hummus, chick peas, babaganoush, spicy potatoes, and a bunch of other things that i wasnt sure what they were but everything is tasty. the hummus may have been the best I've ever had, nice flavor, just a drizzling of olive oil. everything was so fresh.

the place gets busy so expect a little bit of a wait during peak times. you sit down, often next to other diners at the same table. i've only been there when the mother is working and she handles all the tables on her own and takes delivery orders, etc. when it's slow, the food speeds out the kitchen and she says you can go to the back and get more pita bread yourself -- all in a good hearted way.

we are tempted to get the meat platter one time but the veggie options are just too good to pass up.

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  1. I love Waterfalls. I especially enjoy the vegetarian stuffed cabbages, stuffed with bulgar wheat. They are delicious! The lentil soup is good as well. Also the carrots with parsley--a very simple side but so tasy! Sunday nights are not a good time to go though--we went a week or so ago and there was only one server plus he was taking take-out orders and he was pretty overwhelmed. He told me that Wafa doesn't really come in too much but I saw her mother still at the helm in the kitchen. In fact I think she works there 7 days a week!

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    1. re: dimples

      I agree - the food and service at Waterfalls is outstanding. I love the greek salad and spinach pie, the shrimp kabob, the chicken platter, the hummus, the babaganoush - it's all delicious!

      1. re: brooklynbee

        What did I do wrong? I went there about a week ago, ordered vegetable soup and eggplant stuffed with lamb. The vegetable soup was ordinary vegetable soup like I could get at any decent diner, and the eggplant stuffed with lamb was nothing special and really overly heavy for my taste.

        Have you all been back in the last couple of weeks? Was it as good as you remember? Did I just order wrong? (Oh, also, the side salad that came with the eggplant was really uninteresting iceberg lettuce salad, and the only thing in it that was good was the marinated wide carrot slices, which were excellent.)

    2. I have to admit that I was pretty unimpressed with Waterfalls. I read some really great reviews and decided to check the place out for lunch one day during work. The grape leaves were soggy and blands and the falafel was terribly over fried. Maybe I caught them on a bad day. I'll definitely try them again but will admit my first impression wasn't that great.

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      1. re: MJCalloway

        You should really stick with the Syrian stuff on their menu. Like most Middle Eastern restaurants they carry a lot of Turkish (& by extension Greek) inspired stuff, and some Lebanese type stuff, but IMO the best things are really the grilled meats, kabobs, the spreads, some of the vegetarian items, and anything with yogurt. The preparations do tend towards the oily, but that's part of the cuisine in many ways. And, as indicated above, it's best when the mother is cooking and it isn't too crowded.

        1. re: Woodside Al

          Well I'm kind of spoiled I think because I'm used to the grape leaves and babaghanoush my grandmother used to make. I'm always comparing it to that.

          1. re: Woodside Al

            i guess i lucked out...i saw her on sunday night in the back with the mexican cooks. it was actually my first time at waterfalls because i usually end up at pete's for food. i had the 2 meat combo with schwarma, and the minced beef...and the babagonush (sp?). everything was delicious and just felt good.

            my friends split a vege platter and it was huge.

        2. My feeling is that the place, while still good, have grown more inconsistent. I wonder if that's based on the fact that when I go, I almost never see the owner in the kitchen (or anywhere in the restaurant) anymore. The lentil soup is still good, but a couple of weeks ago it was watery and full of oil, while tonight it was back to its thicker, less oily consistency. The babaghanouj tonight had a nice smoky char, but it was overpowered by a strong lemony flavor. Other times it doesn't have that. The greek spinach pie is still great. I still enjoy the place, but it certainly seems to vary more and more each time in terms of quality.

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          1. re: jdf

            We always poke our heads in to see if Wafaa's in the restaurant before committing to a meal @ Waterfalls.
            The difference is night and day.

            1. re: EJC

              From what I understood though, even if she's not there in the evenings, she does prepare everything (or at least the spreads etc.) at some point during the day. Is that not the case? But, I will heed your advice.

              1. re: EJC

                that is good advice. a couple of weeks ago my husband and i went for dinner (i think it was around 7pm), and there may have been one other couple there at that point. we waited, and waited, and waited for service. and then for our apps. and then for our food. maybe one or two more tables came in after us, and they appeared to get the same service. the food was descent (i've had better on other nights), but the service was atrocious. there was one man serving the dining room and taking take-out orders. we will definitely think twice before dining in again (but may do take out since we do like the food).