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Jun 4, 2007 02:25 PM

Best Desserts?

What restaurants in town have the best desserts? I'd like to hear about restaurants that also have good main courses, since I'd feel bad about just going for the sweets, as our party would be occupying a table, etc.

I'm not the biggest sushi fan, but I hear the pastry chef at Uchi is AMAZING.

Any feedback from places that would be considered top 20 restaurants (Driskill, Four Seasons, Wink, Zoot, Mirabelle, Cafe Josie, Castle Hill, Fino, Vin, Starlite, etc...)

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  1. Starlite has wonderful desserts. I would suggest one, but the dessert menu changes on a pretty regular basis. About a year ago I had a "s'mores creme brule" that was to die for.

    Wink has one specialty dessert, the chocolate soup with candied ginger, and I found it to be good, but not great--my friend found it to be amazing, so perhaps it would work for you. The nice thing about Wink is that you can go to the wine bar and have a few appetizers and drinks and dessert and not have to have a whole dinner.

    The Four Seasons has an incredible selection of pastry items. Every time I have had dessert there I have been pleased.

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      I like Mirabelle, especially the earlybird (5:30 to 6:15, monday through thursday). For dessert have the chocolate cake.

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        I'll concur with Starlite. The lavender panna cotta I had there last week (I wrote a longer review in a thread dedicated to the resto) was excellent.

        Another place that I rarely have "room" for dessert at but like to get it to go is Hoovers. They make an excellent homestyle cobbler (the peach is great) and I, suprisingly, love the cheesecakes (banana pudding and sweet potato).

        Finally, on the cobbler front, I once had a wonderful experience with the blackberry cobbler at Shady Grove of all place. I actually let out an audible food groan/moan with the first bite! I haven't been there in several months though, so I can't speak to current quality.

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          I do like the banana pudding cheesecake at Hoover's , although the cheesecake part trends a bit more dense than I prefer cheesecake. I do NOT care for the cobblers, though. I find the bread to be leathery and far too chewy and the filling (mango for me and cherry for my husband) to be sparse and flavorless. I would like to try the praline cheesecake, too ... someday.

      2. Don't forget Chez Zee's ..I like their food and atmosphere as well as desserts.

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          Oh, that's a can of worms! I love the desserts at Chez Zee, but other 'hounds with apparently higher standards than mine will disagree.

          I really like the icecream pies at Shady Grove, in all honesty. The tres leches cake (with mango topping! swoon!) at Fonda San Miguel is lovely, but I also like the tres leches cake (en vaso) at La Mexicana on S. First.

          1. re: bookgrrl72

            Never having been there, I'm wondering if someone who loves Chez Zee's desserts can describe what's good about them, and maybe how they compare to desserts elsewhere. Do any of them stand out? Everyone has different tastes, but detailed descriptions can help everyone.

            I have to agree that the Chocolate Icebox Pie is the only thing I can remember having enjoyed at Shady Grove. The other food has kept me away for quite a while though.

            1. re: Knoblauch

              Well, I'll do this quickly, as I'm trying to finish my syllabus for my summer classes. That said, what I like most about the cakes at Chez Zee is that they are consistently moist; I really hate dry cake, and I've never had a dry bite of cake at CZ. The lemon rosemary has a subtle flavor in the cake itself, but the frosting (which I find to be creamy and not waxy) has a nice citrusy twang while also retaining the traditional sweetness of frosting. The only weird thing about the cake is the tiny pieces of rosemary in the cake itself, but they are subtle.

              I also love the cocoleches cake, which is a tres leches cake with a rich coconut frosting. It's not as drippy as most TL cakes, which is fine (although I like my tres leches gooey), but the flavor is creamy-caramely like a TL cake should be.

              The chocolate cakes are uniformly good, but I prefer the non-chocolate ones.

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                Zax Pints and Plates has good desserts. They have their own pastry chef.

        2. I highly recommend Gumbo's desserts and entrees. Order a chocolate custard and a strawberry cheesecake and you will be in dairy heaven! We stop by for just dessert and coffee often and the service is spectacular. Good luck, and enjoy.