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Anniversary gift for foodie friends in Boston

We'd like to send a gift certificate to a foodie Boston couple who will celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary.

L'espalier? Clio? Others?

All ideas most welcome.


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  1. How old are they? What kind of food/dining experience do they enjoy?

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      I agree with the above poster - more information will lead to a better recommendation. Are you looking for one great night out (and in what price range), or alternatively, wine and cheese picnics that may extend over several weekends. Whatever you decide, it is a great idea.

    2. I'd add Hammersly's to the list.

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        I went to Sorrelina's for my anniversary and it was beyond fabulous. The food is remarkable and the service matches. Not only did the general manager visit our table but so did the chef. I have eaten there twice and both times were perfection. The dining room is quite beautiful. They have a nice website too.

      2. Other high-end, expensive places to consider: Salts, O Ya.

        Alternatives: a gift certificate to a wine store (I like The Wine Bottega in the North End), or to a Gourmet Foods store (e.g. Savenor's, Formaggio Kitchen).

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          Locke Ober, No.9 Park, maybe some Riedel wine glasses or a nice decanter?

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            2nd try; I'd suggest Radius and get the chef's tasting menu!!

        2. You may be aware of this, but I'll mention it anyway: you can give a gift cert for $300 and still only be subsidizing, not paying entirely, for dinner at many of the places suggested here.

          I think L'Espalier is tough to beat for occasion dining -- it just feels special, though it's not a great choice for folks who dislike very formal settings. Uni, Oishii Boston, and O Ya would all be good choices for the right kind of couple. I happen to like Rialto a lot for such dinners; it has held up its quality in the face of its recent redo and re-org.

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            We had this problem recently with a gift cert for a restaurant (Les Zyg) that was simply not enough to pay for the whole meal. Instead we decided to drop the entire certificate (I think it was $150 or so) on a very nice bottle of wine, and pay for the rest of the dinner ourselves. It is a rare treat to order a bottle of wine in that price range with zero guilt.

          2. The best fine dining places seem to have been covered, so I'll throw in a couple of "very, very good if not great" places for food that happen to be quite romantic:

            Mamma Maria, especially if you can snag an upstairs window seat.


            Oh, and if sushi is a possibility for this couple, Uni.

            1. Are they foodies who like to cook themselves? or only foodies who like to dine out?

              Personally, we would just as soon receive a gift certificate to a place such as Salumeria Italiana on Richmond Street in the North End (www.salumeriaitaliana.com) where we could indulge ourselves in such extravagances as REAL vintage Balsamico, and other luxuries we generally don't allow ourselves. So the gift certificate wouldn't necessarily HAVE to be to a restaurant.

              Just a thought.

              1. Thanks to all for fabulous suggestions! We ended up with gift certificate for L'Espalier, but love the other ideas for future gifts.

                Appreciate the help!

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                  Great choice, and a nice opportunity for the lucky couple to experience the restaurant in its current location.