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Jun 4, 2007 01:41 PM

Lychee Time!!!!

Or at least I'm hoping it is. I didn't have much luck finding them last year due to Wilma's wrath the summer prior. Hopefully this year will be different. Has anyone run across them yet?

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  1. We love lychees! These guys have been sending out emails already: They're local growers (west broward) that supplement what they grow with lychees from south dade groves, when needed.

    They sent out an email about the Haak Yip and Sweetheart lychees and already those are sold out. Now their almost ready to start shipping the Brewster. If you send them an email, you may be able to pick them up in their groves near Flamingo Gardens, near I-595 and Flamingo.

    Btw, lychees are wonderful eaten from the freezer, like grapes only better. (You rinse them with acidulated water in their peels to prevent discoloring, then place them in the peels in a plastic bag.)

    1. It is time. I just bought some at the Wagon Wheel flea market in Pinellas Park last weekend. They were only 4.00 a pound.

      1. Shanghai Gardens in Philly's Chinatown used to take a breaded meaty deep-fried duck breast--- slice it thick and pour a chunky Lychee sauce over it...
        Lychee Duck... It's all I got for a long time... Well, that and some other stuff...

        1. Gaby's Farm ice cream also has lychee flavor. I wrote to them and the Whole Foods in Boca Raton is supposed to get the lychee flavor in any day now. If you haven't had Gaby's Farm ice cream yet, it's fantastic. We're addicted to the Mango Passionfruit sorbet. And love that they're local.

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            Their canistel ice cream is like crack.

          2. Yeah I found lychees recently at a few Asian groceries near Lake Worth and Boynton Beach. Though i don't think they count because the lychees looked old and sorry...I think they would have tasted rotten. Oooh I'm interested in the Gaby's farm ice cream. Usually I go get the ultra sweet and freezer burn lychee ice cream from Asian store or I make my own with haagen dazs vanilla bean and a can of lychee.

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              We finally found the Gaby's Farm lychee sorbet at WF. It is delicious! Because the fruit has so much water in it, the consistency isn't quite as fantastic as the Mango Passionfruit Sorbet, but it's still VERY, VERY good. Really pure flavors.