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good swedish food?

last spring, ulrika's closed down and i have not found any good swedish food since, can anyone reccomend a place?

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  1. I don't have many standard to go by but I really enjoyhed the dished at Smorgas Chef. Their swedish meatballs are some of the best I've had

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        They also have great deals on wine. "bring a friend" nights and 1/2 price wine bottles. I'd check it out!

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          SmorgasChef is good. Their small plates are not so small, two people can order 4 small plates for a meal. Their meatballs are OK imo; I think their duck salad is really good.
          Aquavit, at least the cafe part, is over-rated. Frankly, the swedish meatballs at F&B's on 23rd is the best in the city - very tasty cream sauce.

        2. I suppose Aquavit is too obvious?

          1. Try Good World Bar and Grill on Orchard St. in Chinatown. It is Swedish and Swedish inspired. I've had a delicious beet burger there and a great hash of sirloin, smoked venison sausage with raw eggyolk and beets for brunch. FYI, on Friday, Saturday nights, it's like a small, busy nightclub with a DJ. You know, so you can eat your herring and dance to some hip hop.


            1. I've found the most authentic homecooking for Swedish is Ulreka's (?) ... is it still there? Somewhere around 57th Street & Lexington, I think. I did a CitySearch for it and couldn't find it. Anyone know what I'm talking about? -

              HA - I'M STUPID. I should read more closely!! Ulrika's CLOSED? SAD!!!!!

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                "I suppose Aquavit is too obvious?"

                I wouldnt says its too obvious, but IMHO, it is very precious and a bit stuffy, though good.

                I'm only guessing, but I think adroault is looking for something a bit more relaxed, traditional and less of a strain on the wallet.

                I love Aquavit, but once or twice is enough for me.

              2. We have a place called Fika across from our office (58th between 5th and 6th). Though not a restaurant per se, they do breakfast and lunch. Sandwiches, salads and specials. A nice change from other lunch time places.

                1. FIKA !!
                  Fantastic food, 58th between 5th and 6th though they are threatening to open some more locations soon. They also make things like smorgastarta to order and have a decent selection of candy/juice/fried onions that you can buy.
                  The AQ cafe at scandinaviahouse also has some pretty ok food-good meatballs if that is what you're craving and an ok selection of candy.

                  1. aquavit is having a herring week festival with buffets at lunch and dinner, $27 and $48 respectively. big spreads of swedish food. starts next week i think!

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                      I've only eaten in the front room, but I quite enjoy the food there, though I think the ambiance is a bit sterile - love the herring sampler. My one gripe is that I wish they had a separate wine list from the main dining room - it's quite pricey. But a good excuse to drink aquavit!

                      I do miss Ulrika's though - reminded me of living in southern Sweden as a child in a number of ways.

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                        Ooh! sounds like a good time to try Aquavit... Could I have more details about this buffet please? Is it just herring or with other things? And have you tried it in previous years?
                        Thanks so much!