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Jun 4, 2007 01:19 PM

Eats around Western Hospital

I have a longish medical session coming up at Toronto Western Hospital on Bathurst, and wonder if there are any restaurants within walking distance because I don't want to lose my parking space. Nothing fancy, pls.

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  1. Buddha's Vegetarian, at 666 Dundas, and Cafe 668 next door. Great vegetarian Chinese, not fancy, and cheap.

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    1. re: estragon

      Yes! I second both those recommendations! (Beware though: Buddha's is closed on Tuesdays.)

      1. re: thought_for_food

        Thanks everyone for your recs so far. Unfortunately the appointment is on a Tuesday so I guess that cancels out Buddha's, but the others sound very promising.

    2. It's All Good. Walk out of Emergency at the southeast corner of the hospital and it's right there. Tiny, and almost everything made to order. Little patio out front.

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      1. re: Edith S

        668 is a little more expensive, but excellent vegetarian.
        It is a combination of several cultures.
        Buddha is Chinese, and great for students.
        Huge portions, good noodles, cheaper, but not as refined.

      2. There is a Vietnamese restaurant across the street on Bathurst. Lots of Vietnamese families eat in there. Food is great and you're getting good value.

        The one problem is that I don't know its name.

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        1. Kim Bo is one of my favourite Vietnamese restaurants downtown. I also second Buddha's Vegetarian.......huge portions for very cheap. Get the buddha's vegetarian noodles, it could probably feed 2-3 people. Also, Kensington Market is 5 minutes from the hospital. There are afew good places to go.....

          1. Big Fat Burrito - very tasty
          2. MoonBean - good morning/eveing coffee/bakery
          3. Jumbo Empanada's
          4. Cobb's - bread/pastries

          and many more

          1. Head west on Dundas a few blocks and go to Saving Grace for breakfast & lunch (check hours, don't think they are open for dinner but could be wrong). They are at 907 Dundas West. Great breakfasty stuff and delicious sandwiches.

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            1. re: downtown

              any recommendations for Kimbos? There menu is large.
              What about Cafe 668?

              1. re: pancake

                at Kim Bo, I really enjoyed one of their appetizer dishes (I think, I dn't recall the name) - it consisted of a mixture of finely chopped clams with housemade flatbrea/sesame cracker - very nice flavour, light tasting, not spicy or overpowering... we also had a dish that involved wrapping fresh ingredients yourself in the fresh spring roll wrappers... also had a light soup (similar to Yom Tom thai soup) which was very good - a little dark with all the dark wood inside but I preferred this place to other vietnamese in town ie. dai nam, pho hung, etc.