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Jun 4, 2007 01:07 PM

Betty Bakery Cupcakes

Hey. Was at a wedding yesterday where they had the cupcake tower from Betty Bakery in lieu of the wedding cake. The cupcakes were really good -- large, moist, flavorful. The chocolate was intensely deep and rich. The vanilla was pure and addictive. Highly recommended. They didn't have too much frosting on it which was good. Frosting tends to be too sweet to me. Much better than Magnolia, Buttercup and Cupcake Cafe. I think these bakeries need a larger frosting to cupcake ratio to disguise their dry, sawdust-like texture.

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  1. Friends gave us Betty cupcakes for my brithday. We had gotten some cupcakes from Downtown Atlantic on the same day. Wow what a differnece, I posted on this back in February. Betty Bakery tastes like food should. The Downtown Altantic cupcakes where as you mentioned - needing a larger frosting to cupcake ratio to disguise the dry sawdust and lets add flavorless texture.

    1. ooooh, that's great to hear. just visited this place for the first time the other day.

      check out my excellent cookie alert post:

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