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Jun 4, 2007 01:00 PM

Annapolis Food and Bars

Does anyone have any fun suggestions? I want to take a day trip out there and hang out into the evening cause I have never been. I hear there's tons to do over a weekend. I'd love some fun bar and good restaurant suggestions.

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  1. every single dining experience ive ever had in annapolis has been a disappointment. i dont know the city well, so i just stick to the water and eat near there - i hear there's a trendier area a little inland with some decent food. but make sure to avoid especially aqua terra and cafe normandie! we took one bite of our entrees at the latter, asked for to go boxes, and threw them in the trash as soon as we achieved a polite distance from the restaurant.

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      As a resident who also dines frequently in DC and Baltimore, I'd recommend either O'Learys or Lewnes in Eastport, just across the Spa Creek drawbridge from the dock area. Pricey but very good -- and loved by locals!

    2. Yin Yankee on Main Street is good for Asian fusian cuisine
      Joss Cafe & Sushi Bar - good sushi but can be crowded-this is a local fave
      Ram's Head Tavern - a nice brewbub with good food and pretty outdoor seating
      Lemongrass - great Thai food
      Metropolitan is also on West street - see and bee seen bar scene with a nice rooftop view
      La Piccola Roma - fantastic upscale Italian restaurant

      Hope that helps. I'm not a local but I work p/t in downtown Annapolis

      1. I recently went to Annapolis for the 1st time --- and the seafood was good (not excellent) at PUSSERS. Request and wait for a table outside, and you'll sit by the edge of the water. Can't beat the view. I'm sure there is better food out there though....

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          I really like Pussers too - its the best outside section on the water. Food is really good and also have a lot of rum drinks to go with their Caribbean theme. Rams Head has a lot of very good music to go with their micro brews.

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            I've been to pussers 3 times, and each time the view is great, the food is horrible. Some of the most unexciting and horribly executed in annapolis. (Butter, butter, or probably some butter substitue with mediocre quality ingredients).

            For better food with just as nice of a view, try Sam's Waterfront.
            For just better food, try any of the seafood restaurants in Eastport (O'Leary's, Carrols Creek or Rockfish.)

            Other than that head away from the waterfront.

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              Eh, I was just at Rockfish a few weeks ago and wasn't overly impressed. First off, the bread was dry (which always annoys me). Then, the server read the specials (without prices, and my fault, I failed to ask) so I ordered the tasty sounding halibut special. I figured halibut couldn't be that pricey, but my dish was $29, and included some very bland veggies and a really odd sun-dried tomato-ey sauce. However, the bf had the Rockfish with the jumbo lump crab--quite tasty. Just my view :-)

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                Pusser's uses a butter substitute. I've never been real impressed with their food. Their 7 layer dip was god last time I was there and friends like the salmon wrap. We go for the view. Try the Wild Orchid in Eastport. I don't really know much about the food at the Severn Inn because I ate there when it first opened, but the deck and view are wonderful.

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              What an unfortunate name for a restaurant. :)

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                Pussers Landing is named after Pussers Rum and thats what they serve.

            3. I second the recommendation for Ram's Head and respectfully disagree with staying away from the waterfront. Sorry, but xena asked for fun bars and I have some very fun memeries of Middletons, Reardons, Griffins, etc. (Granted, that was a few years ago...things may have changed.) I remember lots of midshipmen and townies, but usually a decent music scene with some fairly good local fare. And after the bars, stop in at Chick and Ruth's for a speciality sandwich. http:\\