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Jun 4, 2007 12:54 PM

Dinner and drinks with friends in MSP?

I'm looking for a spot for 10-15 of us to gather for drinks and maybe a casual dinner--I don't want it to be over-the-top expensive, but I'm bored with the old haunts (Chino Latino, Pizza Luce, Solera). Any ideas?

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  1. Psycho Suzi's? The Sample Room?

    1. How about a wine bar? My alcohol of choice is always wine (or Champagne), so that's where I'd go.

      Toast is great - it's a hidden treasure.

      The Riverview Wine Bar is another gem (note that I haven't been there for a few years, but I hope it's still as good as it was).


      1. I second Psycho Suzi's, which is my favorite summer hangout! How about someplace like Chatterbox Cafe (so-so food, good beer, fun atmosphere), Salut (decent food, fun drinks--try the Mandatory Drug Test), or Bulldog NE (good beer, never had the food).

        1. What about the patio at It's Greek to Me or the Beer Garden at Black Forest?

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            Good options. IGTM has a nice selection of mezzes ... great for sharing.

          2. Thanks for the suggestions, chowfolk. We headed to Toast Friday night and they were extra accomodating, pushing together tables so we could all sit together even though they were packed. We had great wine for pretty cheap and it was a mistake to share the strawberry shortcake--get your own! Fun place that can be dressy or casual--I loved walking down stairs to get in, made me feel as if I were sneaking into a speakeasy or something.