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Jun 4, 2007 12:53 PM

Taco Trucks in Seattle

An earlier post got me thinking about Taco Trucks in the Seattle area.
(To paraphrase the poster, Taco Trucks are awesome


He happened to go to Tacos El Asaderos on Rainier, but there are definitely other good options out there. (I tend to go to Rancho Bravo on 45th near the U, because it's on my way home)

I was hoping to generate a list of other good taco trucks in the area.
Los Taco Truck Unitos did a good job ( but they haven't added anything in a while.

In addition to the ones notes on, I've seen the following:

On the corner of MLK and Graham in the Rainier Valley/Beacon Hill (in the gas station lot
)Just north of the corner of Latona and 45h (in the Winchell's parking lot)

Others in the area?

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  1. The one in the parking lot of the 76 station by Northgate Mall is really good. Can't remember the name right now though.

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    1. re: kkbriggs

      This Northgate truck is Taqueria La Pasadita, I believe. I enjoy it very much, and can't decide whether I prefer it to Rancho Bravo. La Pasadita serves its tacos on the very small tortillas, and it has a smoky rustic flavor, so rustic that when I asked for extra salsa roja, I got a plastic bag full sealed with a knot. It has an air of authenticity that Rancho Bravo lacks, but Rancho Bravo is delicious, serves tripe and tongue just like Pasadita (but no cabeza) and makes several nice salsas, served in more useful containers.

      This link is a list derived from a KUOW segment in February about taco trucks in the area, and while it lacks specifics for some trucks, it is an essential resource for any future list:

      I applaud the OP's noble project. A good taco truck is a wonderful thing, let a thousand of them bloom!

    2. i've been meaning to ask this question regarding taco trucks: is there anything there for a vegetarian to eat? i've got a friend who likes to try new places and loves mexican but she doesn't eat meat (does eat fish though). are there options? only rice and bean sides? i've had taco truck food brought to me but i've never been myself (and i've had some damn fine beef but she wouldn't be into that).

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      1. re: jlbs

        My wife continually raves about the Taco Truck by Microsoft. She doesn't eat pork or red meat and says the chicken and veggie tacos are the best in the city.

        1. re: eternalX

          eternalX: where exactly is this Micro-truck?

          1. re: equinoise

            By crossroads. I'm sorry but I've never been and my wife has horrible navigation skills and no clue of the roads involved in how she gets somewhere. If I go sometime I'll repost.

        2. re: jlbs

          Asederos has ceviche and Cameron a la diabla which are both very good.

          1. re: jlbs

            El Camion, just outside the Home Depot Parking lot on Aurora serves nice fish tacos.

          2. In Redmond\Bellevue, there's a pretty good one found in the parking lot of the VFW lodge on 148th (next to Microsoft building 127.) I forget the name of it, but it's good stuff, and pretty cheap. By the description, I don't think it's the same one eternalX is posting about.

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            1. re: Vexorg

              I drove by the one in the last post again today, and the name of it is Taqueria Guadalajara. I'll need to see if I can track down the one in the Crossroads area tomorrow, or fiogure out if this one is the one referenced in the other post.

              1. re: Vexorg

                I take it the one on 148th is indeed a truck called Taqueria Guadalajara?

                This is curious, because I've been to a place in the crossroads area called Taqueria Guadalajara. It is not a truck; it is a strorefront in the southeast corner of the huge mall complex, across the street from the post office and near to a persian place called Saffron Kebab (which I'd like to try also). I'd rate this place baseline quality, not as good as any of the taco trucks I've visited in the area, and not as good as the Taqueria Riconsito loc-chain either. I think they failed to griddle the tortillas, which is a nearly fatal mistake for me.

                1. re: equinoise

                  Yes, I paid the truck a visit for lunch today (quite good, as usual.) I haven't paid much attention to the taquerias in the Crossroads area (if I'm going there, chances are it'll be for Torero's anyway.) I've been to Taqueria el Rinconsito once (The closest one to here is in the Evans Plaza shopping center, but I've seen a number of them around) and they've got a huge menu, but I found the enchiladas I tried a bit bland. I guess I'll have to try them again at some point though.

                  I haven't actually tried the tacos from the truck (I get the burritos) but they definitely griddle the tortillas. The menu is somewhat limited (tacos, burritos, tortas and quesadillas, with Pollo, Carne Asada, Al Pastor and Lengua for meats) but I've enjoyed what I've tried so far (the Al Pastor was a bit dry though.)

                  1. re: Vexorg

                    Taqueria Guadalajara is an old favorite of mine. I've heard that the Crossroads restaurant location is an offshoot of their truck, which moved from the 76 gas station parking lot to near Microsoft on 148th. They have some of the best burritos and tortas around.

                    When I'm craving tacos I go to Taqueria el Rinconsito because they are cheaper and WAY tastier (especially the carne asada with a fresh lime squeezed on top). Everything else on the menu tastes very bland to me.

                    1. re: CriticalEater

                      I just found out that the 'truck' in the crossroads is actually a restaurant. It used to be a truck until sometime this year, when it was converted into a restaurant. The truck is still there, but they don't use it. Sorry for the bad information earlier...

                      1. re: eternalX

                        Yes I was over there today. the Crossroads one is in fact a restaurant (it's actually just off of Crossroads Mall's property, in one of the outbuildings behind the UPS store and Gamestop.) There aren't any permanent signs up yet, just a banner.

                        Didn't go in for a closer look though; might have to try it out at some point. Either way, it appears to be the same people who run the truck out on 148th.

                        1. re: eternalX

                          In Lynnwood, on 99 around 208 there's a taco truck that has settled down. It's called La Fondita. The building may have been a toco-bell or the likes. I've only eaten there once, but the menu selection was similar to a truck, including the tortas. And prices were low.


              2. Last week, the seattle times reported on Taqueria El Carreton on Aurora just north of 145th. This is a taco bus which you can sit inside like El Asadero. I found it solid in quality, especially the asada, and the adobada, which can often be overly chewy. I prefer carnitas at La Pasadita or Rancho Bravo. Salsa is not as spicy as Pasadita, and no extra salsa is available squeeze-bottle style.

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                1. re: equinoise

                  Today I visited "tacomiendo" or "takomiendo", a truck on Rainier in Columbia Plaza near the farmer's market site. They were setting up the rain fly tarp for rain that never arrived. I had already eaten a Georgia Gold at Roy's (dope, by the way), so I only ordered up one carnitas taco, which is the barometer by which I measure a truck. Delicioso! A well griddled tortilla pair with a potent salsa roja, stuffed full of pork fried in lard. I'd say it bests all other trucks I've had (admittedly without hitting any in White Center or Burien), especially considering I wasn't ravenous at the time, although my loc Rancho Bravo's spicy yellow green salsa de aguacate is unparalleled.

                2. How did you post a question?

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                    go to the "pacific northwest" main page, and hit "add new topic".

                    1. re: equinoise

                      I visited Taqueria La Fondita #2 in White Center today and wasn't all that impressed. These tacos are the cheapest I've encountered (.89), but they are the small kind, and I think the quality is somewhat better at every other truck mentioned on this post above. The salsa has an interesting slushy texture and an almost citrus note, but it lacks heat and complexity. I got a huge blob of pork fat in my carnitas, which probably would have tasted good, but I excised it for arterial health reasons.

                      What did impress me today was Taqueria La Estacion in Burien. See . While not a truck, it sells amazing tacos at truck prices.

                      1. re: equinoise

                        I actually just tried Rancho Bravo in Wallingford today and it was fantastic. The carnitas and al pastor were superb. HIghly recommended, but from what another patron told me, it sounds like they recently raised their prices. Still pretty cheap though

                        1. re: jdestes

                          They did raise their prices - it is now $1.75 for a taco. A little steep. Their carnitas is pretty good, though....

                        2. re: equinoise

                          We were there Friday night after a first round at La Costa, where we had the whole fried fish and lamb shanks. Both good. The carnitas and asado tacos at Estacion were as good as any I've had. The mixed grill, for $22.00 I think, looked like a sure winner. Five guys were digging into one order as we left.