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Jun 4, 2007 12:51 PM

late night chinese dessert places?

I'm looking for a chinese dessert place that sells chinese dessert such as sesame porridge, walnut porridge, sweet egg custard, that white one with the tapoica (forget that name) and open late at night.

I only know of two such places, the place just inside the front doors of market village (which is very small) and the place next to Destiny's (bubble tea) place.

I'm looking for an alternative from always going out to bubble tea or tim hortons as a late night place.

Any recommendations?

Thanks in Advance.

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  1. For chinese dessert places (not BB tea) :

    There is one at the plaza very close to Market Village, the one with No Frills, and it is located besides the HK styled cafe Amigo.

    There is one located in the same chinese plaza opposite to the shanghai restaurant 369 on Kennedy and 7.

    There are two inside the chinese plaza Time Square on 7. The big one is facing 7.

    There is one at Commerce Gate plaza on 7, this is a relatively newer one.

    There is one in First Markham place on 7, but very small.

    There is one inside the chinese plaza on Leslie and a little N. of 16 and again, this one is small but good IMO !

    I suggest you going to the big one inside Time Square or the new one at Commerce Gate if you are gonna hang in there chatting with friends at late night. Their desserts are pretty good too.

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        no such good stuff in downtown..too bad.

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        hwy 7 & kennedy you're referring to is in New World Plaza (Mong Kok for the Chinese reading folks). The name of the spot is Sweet Culture, I highly recommend it.

        The one facing 7 in Times Sq is Health, Herbal, Harmony (Gee Sung Tong). I find their menu to be ridiculously huge, which is not a good thing in my books. Here's their website.


        Hung Fook Tong is a franchise from Hong Kong. Their specialies are their healthy drink concoctions, which are sold freshly made and also packaged at convenience stores (7/11). I haven't been to the new location yet.


        Eagerly anticpating a Hui Lau San (許留山) popping up here.


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          Hey man, there is already a Hui Lau San (許留山) at FMP.

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            dude, have I been living under a rock? I am at first makrham place at least once or twice a month, I'm an idiot.

            which side is it at?

            I want my mango and frog fallopian tube drink, haha.

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              It is on the same side as Nui Kee and that BB tea place (Bay Jone Mud). But I am not sure if it is a real franchise from HK as I do not recall I see the tube drink items there ... their dinner items and snack are ok too. Anyway give it a try, their dessert are not bad !

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                Hui Lau San at FMP is hands down the best late night Chinese dessert place. The only downside is the size of the restaurant. If you hit a busy patch, the wait can get quite long and tedious, especially if you go with a large group.

                A couple of my favourites include: "B Jai Lerng Fun" (a mixture of fruit, grass jelly and sago with coconut and evaporated milk), calamari ( I think it's called "deep fried tentacles" on the menu), and rice noodle rolls with peanut and hoisin sauce.

      3. The one at Time Square is Hung Fook Tong. There is another one in the strip mall at Steeles, 1 major block East of Kennedy (The strip mall opposite Star Walk Buffet).

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          The one at Time Square has been changed to Gee Sung Tong and Hung Fook Tong has been moved to Commerce Gate that's why I said the one at Commerce Gate is relatively new. Not exactly sure what happened among the investors but it has been changed.

        2. There are 2 at Finch/Leslie, next to Congee Wong

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            The Sugar is next to Congee Wong.

          2. Do any of these places make good black sesame "porridge"??

            I have childhood memories of a thick (really, really thick), smooth, sweet-but-nutty dessert (made by my grandma), but I've yet to experience anything in restaurants/dessert cafes that are not watery, gritty and burnt-tasting. =(

            1. The one in the Chinese mall at Leslie and 16th is called Moon Gei. Just went there yesterday, their "Full House Sago" (Mango Sago with pomelo) is almost as good as it was a few years ago. Their durian pancake is also tasty, if you're a durian lover.

              The only really good black sesame porridge I've had wasn't at a dessert house, but actually at the former restaurant, Maple Pepper Garden, of the chef of Ngau Kee restaurant in First Markham Place. Unfortunately, I've not tasted it since he's moved so I don't know if the quality is still as good.