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Jun 4, 2007 12:48 PM

900 Grayson Breakfast/Brunch recs

Going here for the first time this Saturday for round 2 of my breakfast tour. What should I definitely try, what should I avoid? My understanding is that the chicken and waffles are worth taking notice, anything else?

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  1. Chicken and Waffles are the thing to order on your first visit. Get a side of the maple syrup in addition to the gravy that comes with if you're into the sweet/salty combo.

    I also like the corned beef hash, side of hash browns, and a side of market vegetables (they balance out the heavy dishes, and are very well prepared). The Hangover Special is often excellent. But honestly, I always come back for the chicken and waffles.

    1. I went one morning too early and the waffle batter was not ready. Sort of like my post on
      Guiness from the tap. My breakfast was good with eggs over very hard, toast and an excellent hash brown patty. The bacon was ok but not ethereal even with the source. I guess I'm not a bacon sort of guy. Call before to check you go so you will know when chicken and waffles are available.

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        I like their bacon, but my husband finds it too smoky we always forget to ask them to cook it crispy b/c they don't do that normally. Also, their bacon doesn't have that distinctive sweet/salty/smoky combo. Its mostly just smoky. Just FYI for other readers of this thread.

        1. re: wolverine61

          waffle batter wasn't ready? How long does it take to make batter?

          Or do they have yeast raised waffles there?

          1. re: Bryan Gros

            Yeah, this is definately different tastes. That Neuske bacon from Wisconsin, is some of the best bacon I've ever had in my life.I go to 900 Grayson just for that bacon.

            1. re: Bryan Gros

              That is what the man said. I did not ask for an ETA.

              1. re: Bryan Gros

                Given how many waffles they sell in a day, I imagine they make a ton of batter in the morning. Also, the kitchen is about half the size of a shoe box.

            2. I've gotta agree on the chicken and waffles dish (called the "Demon Lover"). Just incredible with the country gravy. You have to have that one. And yes, the hash brown patty is light and perfectly crisp.

              Check out my review with pics.

              1. Thanks for the confirmations that the Chicken and Waffles are the way to go. I was also wondering if anyone has tried any of their brunch sandwiches? I was looking on their menu and they looked pretty good too.

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                1. re: nicedragonboy

                  The burger is fantastic. It's the ony thing that really tempts me away from the Demon Lover (although everything is very good).

                  1. re: nicedragonboy

                    Do not order the Reuben. It's the only disappointing thing on the menu.