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Jun 4, 2007 12:42 PM

NY Style pizza in KC?

I am searching for a good slice of pie in KC. Please don't suggest Minsky's or Pizza Shoppe. I'm looking for NY style pie...the kind you fold and then the grease drips off on your chin. I'm a Rochester girl, looking for a slice of heaven. HELP!

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  1. You should check out D'Bronx. I think they even sell pizza by the slice. It is the thin and wide slices that you fold in half to eat. They even have the "char" around the edges.

    Rated 4.7 out of 5.0 45 reviews
    3904 Bell St
    Kansas City, MO 64111
    (816) 531-0550

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    1. re: jm054

      Sorry to disappoint you all but I lived over 10 years in new york and every chance I got I go back just to taste the Italian food and pizza there....and D Bronx does not even hold a candle to good new york pizza. ...good new york pizza has a slightly sweet sauce...DBronx has a slightly salty and bitter not in the same ball park. I hope we get a good pizza place someday....maybe the new one opening up (the art of Pizza) with do the trick....Avelluto's Il Trullio on metcalf has great wood fired pizza but it is a more gourmet type pizza ( I was not wild about the Avelluto's Italian Delight in Shawnee...not nearly as good as the one on metcalf...but again you are comparing apples to donuts) and Cinzentis also has great pizza, again wood fired more upscale types....and Papa Keno's in downtown overland park has good pizza...I would consider it much more NY stype than DBronx and much better...I get it with extra sauce and tomottoes....but it is pricey...but you get what you pay for there and it is back up and running... and Original Pizza is ok a bit better than the DBronx in my opinion....but again does not have the passion that real NY pizza has....

    2. I'm not sure if this is NY Style or not as I am not a huge pizza afficinado, but we like Papa Keno's. You can buy a whole pie or by the slice. The slices are huge and there are tons of toppings available. I've been to a couple of the locations, one in Lawrence, KS and one in Old Overland Park, but there are a couple in KC, MO. The menu and locations are available online.

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      1. re: amy_rc

        Bye, bye, Papa Keno's. I will miss you, my sweet Papa. Apparently, if you no pay-a da taxes, they shut-a you down.

          1. re: kctraci

            That's yummy news. I got my first taste of Papa Keno's in mid to late May right before they were shut down. I thought I had been teased by tasting the great pizza and then never having it again!

            1. re: kctraci

              Yea!!! I've missed you, Papa! I like mine with spinach, roma tomats and extra sauce.

              1. re: amy_rc

                Have you noticed a difference between the different locations? My first (and utterly amazing) experience was in Lawrence, but when I tried the OP location this weekend it was very underwhelming. I'm curious if there is a difference since they have reopened, a location difference, or if my visit to Pizza Bella earlier in the week ruined all other pizza experiences for me for the immediate future.

                1. re: pollymerase

                  I noticed a difference from visit to visit at the same location (waldo/brookside)...the last time we went which was just before it shut down it was bad cheese horrific. One or 2 times it was amazing. A couple mediocre. But that last experience made us swear never to step foot in a Papa Keno's again. Plus the fact that no cared that our pizza was inedible.

        1. There's a place rumored to be opening in the not-too-distant future at 18th and Baltimore called Art of Pizza, supposedly NY-style. I wouldn't hold your breath that it's the pizza you dream of, but we'll see.

          1. I swear we've had this topic come up before, but hell if I can find it with the stupid search engine! Anyway, I've never had NY style pizza that I know of, but I would think Papakeno's would be close with your description. I think D'Bronx was the most recommended last time.

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            1. re: Katie Nell

              The only time I was at Papa Keno's, my slice was about two feet long and cut into lots of smaller slices. Is this typical?

              I suppose it could approach NY-style, but I recall the crust being too thick and sturdy. I wasn't really looking for NY when eating it, though.

              Sbarro, anyone?

              1. re: Aaron Deacon

                Yeah, that's typical of Papa Keno's, although you don't have to have them slice it. It can be fairly sturdy, so maybe that's not the closest?

                1. re: Katie Nell

                  Pizza pie! YUM! I wonder if what they say about NYC pizza is similar to what they say about good NYC bagels . . .if you don't have water from the city of New York you can't make or find the real thing. I'll let you be the judge.

                  Of course, d'Bronx is the first place most of us think of . . .funny, I just had this conversation with someone else this week and did a little homework. I will share my results with you, but cannot vouch for ANY of them personally. They are "on the list". Speak up if you know something about any of these, if not, explore and enjoy at your own risk:

                  Original Pizza
                  400 NW Barry Road
                  Kansas City, MO 64155
                  NOTE: The name of this place DOES NOT make me want to eat there, but all over the web there are recent, raving reviews from people from NYC who swear this is the real deal. You tell me.

                  Avelluto's Italian Delight
                  (913) 262-7564
                  6522 Martway St
                  Shawnee Mission, KS 66202
                  NOTE: Owned by the same people that own Il Trullo on Metcalf, again nothing but raving fans for the NYC style pizza. Says they have won best Pizza in KC by Zagats for their New Style pizza.

                  Pizza 51
                  5060 Oak Street
                  NOTE: So, I am really not sure if this pizza would be considered authentic NYC style, but all reviews speak to homemade crust, light tomato sauce and 22 toppings with slices so huge you have to use two hands to get it to your mouth. The size of the slice makes me think this might be a nice fold-over pizza eating experience.

                  Stonewall Inn
                  10242 Pflumm Rd
                  Lenexa, KS
                  Phone: (913) 492-3066
                  NOTE: I drove buy this interesting piece of KC history not that long ago for the first time, and have since read, blog after KC blog entries about how great the pizza is and that it is NYC style. It is small, but apparently you can eat outside.

                  1. re: jvergara

                    I did not care for Avelluto's Italian Delight. I found the food to be bland and unremarkable. I went there once or twice in the last 5 years and it was a bad dining experience both times.

                    1. re: jm054

                      to each his own i guess. i love that place.

                    2. re: jvergara

                      I have *really* been wanting to try Stonewall Inn, but of course never think of it when we're trying to think of somewhere to eat! It is so charming from the outside... it just calls my name!

                      1. re: Katie Nell

                        Yeah I prob wouldn't call Avelluto's NY style... I dunno, for that matter I guess you could call any thin crust pizza NY style? It's not bad, but i'll take D'Bronx any day if I can't be in NYC myself. I do need to get down to Grinders.

                        1. re: clclark2000

                          I appreciate the honest feedback . . .Avelluto's surprises me only because the connection to Il Trullo which is also supposed to be just terrific. And I am with Katie Nell, Stonewall Inn Pizza, makes me want to go, just because of how groovy the place looks.

                          I do like d'Bronx and certainly as the name implies it is the closest NYC experience in KC, but as much as I like their pizza, I don't love it. And I love all pizza, no matter what style it is and I have had real NYC pizza many times, so I am familiar with the hallmarks. I don't believe all thin crust can be considered NYC style, for sure. It's not cracker thin crust, it has a little chew to it. :) What I do think is exceptional at d'Bronx are their authentic deli sandwiches, always a treat.

                          As for Grinders, well what can I say, I have been there with friends about 5 times now and I've tried pizza and I've tried grinders, and I was underwhemled by both. Pizza was one step up from frozen pizza to my tastebuds. I have tried several sandwiches and the only one that I thought was passable was the cheesesteak with cheese whiz. The best sandwich they do, I think.

                          Love Stretch as an artist, owner and personality, love the joint itself and the location, love the cocktails . . .not crazy about the food.

                        2. re: Katie Nell

                          agreed. i have lived in the lenexa/shawnee/op area for most of my 24 years. i have driven by stonewall a zillion times and have neglected to stop in. it's definitely on the list though.

                        3. re: jvergara

                          So here's a quick update on Pizza 51 . . .I did manage to get myself in there for some pie this week.

                          Located across the street from the UMKC campus in a converted old gas station sits Pizza 51. With a huge outdoor patio and a wonderful vibe inside where you can watch the guys toss your pie and make it right in front of you . . . this place has loads of charm.

                          Families, teens, medical students from across the street had all taken over the outdoor patio the Friday night I went. This place is a neighborhood joint, a relaxed and groovy one at that.

                          You can get pizza by the slice, or order a whole pie. They also have Calzones, Sandwiches and Wraps and Salads. We opted for a whole pie with roasted garlic, mushrooms and sausage.

                          I was also pleasantly suprised they offered beer and wine as well as the usual soft drinks to imbibe. I mean what is a pizza experience without a little beer or wine? Well, it would be every childhood birthday party I ever attended, that's what! Ha!

                          The pizza came out in about 15-20 minutes and it looked delicious and smelled even better. The pieces are cut large, so this is indeed a fold over pizza experience. The pizza was good, our toppings were the real deal . . .golden nuggest of soft roasted garlic, real sliced mushrooms not canned, and little balls of sausage that had a nice fennel seed taste. The crust was puffed and perfect around the edge of the pie with a thin crust undeneath.

                          In fact, if I had to say something unflattering about the pizza, it was that the middle of our large pie was too thin and undercooked to support the toppings. You could see a liquid "pooling" effect in the middle of the pie, which was caused by dough too thin in the middle and too much sauce.

                          We worked around it by cutting a small circle in the middle of the pie and leaving the soggy part on the serving plate. The pizza was very good other than that . . .comparable to D'Bronx for sure.

                          So, I wish the middle of the pizza would have held up a little better, but overall it was still a pretty good pie experience. Enjoy!

                          1. re: jvergara

                            I absolutely love Avelluto's. The food and the atmosphere are both incredible. It has that italian diner ambiance. I love going there when I'm in the Mission area. The pizza is similar to that of Original Pizza. Both of which are very NY'esque.

                            1. re: jvergara

                              Jenny... we finally made it to Stonewall Inn! I really, really enjoyed my pizza! In fact, I think it's my favorite just good ole pizza joint pizza- nothing fancy, just pizza! I think it would definitely qualify as NYC style from everyone's descriptions, but of course I have nothing to compare it too. I appreciated that they used romaine in my side salad, but could have done without the salad, considering the use of watered-down ranch dressing! I'll be back for the pizza for sure though. I'd also eat outside on the patio next time... eating inside was a little cramped and weird.

                        4. re: Katie Nell

                          I think that was my post, but I can't find it either. Still haven't found NY style pizza here in the KC yet but I haven't been to D'Bronx. Looking forward to that one.

                        5. D'Bronx is the closest you are going to get in KC to NY Style. This is good pizza, and the place is as close to a NYC style Pizzarria/Deli as you'll find in the area as well. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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                          1. re: clclark2000

                            Grinder's comes the closest to NY style pizza IMHO. They got the thin crust down (a joy to eat), but I think the sauce, while very good, I think is not quite the same. The artsy decor, while not typical of a NY pizzeria, reminds me of some of the edgy shops in lower Manhattan.
                            417 E 18 st
                            Kansas City, MO 64108
                            (816) 472-5454

                            1. re: vsoy

                              Another vote for Grinders. Don't expect great service, but it's a wonderfully fun and funky place. The pizza is usually very good, but it seems to depend on who's tossing the dough that day. Make sure to order a whole pie made fresh and not a rewarmed slice.

                              Other than Grinders, I'd say D'Bronx, or Original Pizza.