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May 19, 2007 09:07 AM

Best way to prepare pompano? [moved from General Topics board]

My personal favorite of Florida fish is pompano. I sautee the fillets with butter or olive oil, and a little white wine and lime juice. It is too sweet and mild for garlic, which I otherwise include in almost everything. Sometimes I finish it with just a few small capers. Succulent! It is only available at good fish markets, or of course in Cortez, which you will learn about!

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  1. OMgosh I was just about to post the exact same thing. In fact I have actually fished for Pompano in Palm Beach. What a lovely, delicious fish it is. A little oily, but not many bones. It is one of the most expensive fish on menus.

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      Gio, one of the reasons I prefer pompano is because it is delicate, flaky, white, and remarkably non-oily. It's a small fish, which all have bones, so your "not many bones" comment has to do with a good fillet job rather than the fish. And you mentioned "menus" so it sounds like you didn't catch any that day and you ate out and the chef used too much oil in the sautee pan. Inspector Clouseau at work here! The fancy pompano preparation is typically steamed in the paper bag, but that is way over my head. Gio, I'm not trying to nitpick your post, I just want to be sure that your and my favorite fish is elevated to the lofty pedestal on which it correctly should flop around.

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        I actually did catch Pompano and my hostess's cook prepared it just as you described. I should have made my second comment as a second paragraph. I have known the fish to be somewhat oily. However, you are quite right to describe the meat as delicate. As for the bones, perhaps the cook was a very good de-boner. LOL

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          You have whetted my appetite, but the Cortez markets close at 2:00 on Saturday. Rats!!!