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Best spots for soft shell crab in NYC

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I'm looking for the best places to find great soft shell crab in New York...Manhattan is preferable but outer boroughs are fine too. Fine-dining or low-key, any type of cuisine or preparation, I don't care. I am all about the crab.

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. I've had soft shell crabs four times this season, all at different types of places, but all were lightly fried (tempura style): Tomoe, Hells Kitchen, Klee Brasserie and Casa Mono. My favorite has to be the most recent at Casa Mono, the crabs were delicious and served with a salad of fiddlehead ferns and what looked like gigante beans (but they were green). Klee's were meager and a little disappointing, Tomoe's were great also but served bare. Casa Mono's were the best value as well (2 crabs, $16, compared to Hells Kitchens' $23).

    1. I tend to eat softshell crabs wherever I can. I've loved the Perilla version, as well as the Gennaro version (both are specials). I'd go for either of those in a pinch. I didn't care for the Centovini softshell dish though.


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      1. I like the salt baked crabs at NY Noodletown. It's on the corner of Bowery and Bayard
        in Chinatown.

        1. I know people on this board don't like Mare but I had 3 plump, well cooked softshell crabs with scampi butter there the other night. 20th st and 8 ave