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Cheap homemade party favors

Some wedding planning advice, please!

Here's the impasse: I think wedding favors should be inexpensive because people throw them into the garbage anyway. Instead, I'd rather they get something small and tasty, eat it, enjoy it, and be done with it.

So I'm thinking aobut buying really adorable gift boxes ($1 each for a white box with a colorful satin ribbon) and putting something homemade inside. My mother, Ms. Impressions, fears that might be cheap. We both agree that something perishable would be risky and we'd rather have something that can be put together a few weeks before and just packed up in a box.

-anything that might look "cheap" is out.
-anything perishable is out (cookies, cupcakes, truffles)

What have people done? I was thinking for a January wedding, homemade cocoa mix and a little bag of mini marshmallows might be cute, along with a little note thanking the guest for coming and giving instructions for how much water/milk to add to the mix.

A little more complicated, but is there some kind of powdered cocktail/drink mix that I could package? Obviously giving guests a pack of margarita salt is a bit bizarre, but is there something like a powdered cosmo mix I could put together that's actually good?

I did find little boxed chocolates I like, and they're my backup plan at $3 a pop. homemade hot chocolate is $2.25 a pop, and I'm trying to find ideas that would be equally cute/nice but perhaps cheaper. I know getting under $2 is pretty impossible, but I can try!

My splurge idea was ceramic measuring spoons. I found sets sort of like the ones Giade deLaurentis uses at Cost Plus for $3 a set, which is awesome. But I'd have to package them somehow, bringing me to over $4 a set. Sigh...

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  1. Little jars of homemade jelly can be nice, but then you prob wouldnt use the lovely box.

    1. What about some kind of sugared/flavored nuts? Could be a cute play on the old school Jordan almond tradition, but done to be tasty and homemade. You could even do a few different flavors. Depending on how big your boxes are, they shouldn't be terribly expensive.

      1. I went to a wedding where they had bottled water with their picture on the bottle! That was pretty cool.

        My daughter had magnets made for favors at her wedding. It had their names and the date with a catch phrase on it. Not too pricey. You could probably get a kit at a craft store.

        1. I've done tea bags and little jars of honey or honey sticks for a shower.

          I've also done seeds and a tiny flower pot tied with ribbon.

          Depending on where you are, a something the local area is known for, like maple syrup in Vermont... Chili peppers in New Mexico etc.

          A lottery ticket and a lucky rabbit's foot or small horseshoe... would be fun.

          For hot cocoa/soup/etc mixes you can put in jars... Google "Gifts in a jar". Tons of sites.

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            i just went to a wedding and they gave us a powder margarita mix in a pouch with instructions on the back on how to use them. i'm not a big drinker and i don't have a blender, so that was of no use to me. but it was a great reflection of bride/groom, as they are big drinkers.

            another friend put together little white boxes of wrapped candy that she and the groom loved. they ordered it bulk via internet.

            i like the idea of something regional as mentioned by the poster above me. maple syrup, honey, mini hot/bbq sauce bottles, homemade jelly, teabags, etc are all very cute.

            the best favors, honestly, that i have received, have all been perishable foods. candy buffets, chocolates, and the likes - i ate my own and snatched all the ones that weren't taken! ;-)

          2. You could do cocoa or coffee w/ chocolate dipped spoons and make the spoons fancier w/ chocolate transfer paper. I'll bet you can get cheap spoons at IKEA. As a nonfood idea, I gave out flower bulbs which was nice because people would call me up in the spring and tell me their flowers came up.

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            1. re: chowser

              Oh, I like it! I could get cheap metal spoons from IKEA or get those really nice wooden disposable spoons that are popping up now that everything's going eco-friendly.

              All these ideas are great; thanks everyone, and keep them coming! I'm definitely of the school of thought that favors should be edible.

            2. Where is the wedding? If it's a snowy wintry place than maybe some Mexican type hot chocolate would be nice, or maybe get a ton of nice loose spices, some tiny bags (and labels) and throw two or three in a box (if you're a big cook and people know this, this may be a nice reflection of you) plus loose spices are pretty cheap (I think). If a lot of people are coming from far away maybe something they can eat in the morning (homemade granola) or something that is indigenous from where the wedding is being held.

              I'm sorry, why is perishable risky, don't most people open favors up soon after they get them? I'm always curious so I open everything immediately.

              Cheap is also sort of a toss up - I had a very fancy NYC black tie wedding and we gave Krispy Kremes away as a favor so people had something for breakfast when they woke up with ahangover; if it's something you love it doesn't matter what the cost.

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              1. re: KeriT

                Perishable only matters in terms of ease to me. I want to be able to assemble the favors a few weeks ahead and not think about it. I don't want to be baking cookies or cupcakes a few days before the wedding and hoping they don't go stale. I know I could pick recipes that keep well, but I can't think of many that would keep for several weeks.

                It's a winter wedding, but winter in Los Angeles. Hehe. It does get cold sometimes, but this past January was mostly in the 80s so you just never know.

                And boy, do I know that cheap is relative. I think homemade gifts or something "cheap" like Krispy Kreme or m&ms is adorable if everyone knows that the bride or groom is ga ga for that particular treat. But my mom would faint if I tried to give everyone a botle of ketchup, which I adore--over fried rice, no less.

                Also, a big HUGE and THANK YOU to Chowhounds for being helpful and open minded. I was posting on a wedding website about how I prefer not to do an Anglo style ceremony where I walk down the aisle to a Bridal March, and everyone responded like I was a crazy alien and making a day out of mocking my alternative ceremony ideas.

                1. re: Pei

                  Ahh, now I see the perishability factor. I made everyone who came from out of town either coffee cake or banana bread in mini bundt pans (everyone said I was crazy); started way ahead of time and froze them, took them out 36-24 hours before and they were fine. Maybe there are other things that can be frozen that you really like without it hurting flavor, is lemon cake freezable? You could also use mini muffin tins and then it really wouldn't be so many batches (well, not sure how many people you're having).

                  Have fun!

                  1. re: KeriT

                    if it was before christmas, how about something with candy canes? my god. i love those little things!!

                    i think the idea of the spoons dipped in chocolate is a great one.

                  2. re: Pei

                    Congratulation! It's your wedding and if they are your friends they will like whatever you do for YOUR wedding. My favorite party favor was from a wedding where the groom was Asian and the bride, Hispanic. A tiny bottle of shoyu and a bottle of hot sauce was given. Honestly, the most memorable favors were the edible ones! Hawaiian Host, Big Island Candies, See's (California Brittle), little booze bottles etc. The measuring spoons packaged in a cello bag with a beautiful ribbon would look great on your reception tables. I would love to receive something like that! How fitting for a chowhound bride.

                    1. re: mochi mochi

                      assorted booze bottles made me think of mini champagne bottles. Too bad those pink Sophia cans aren't really worth drinking. Maybe I need to ask on the spirits board if there are drinkable mini bubblies for under $3.

                2. My friend made coasters out of ceremonial Korean fabric in traditional colors, which I think were just really made from leftover scraps from the wedding costumes. I use them all the time! I generally think favors are a little funny, and I hardly remember any favors that were given out, but the coasters are my favorite to date (except for the box of fresh super delicious california apricots at one wedding, but obviously I still don't have those). Let me know if you want me to post a picture of the coasters.

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                  1. re: grubn

                    She made a set for each guest? I have to see if I would have the time...but please post, they sound beautiful!

                    1. re: Pei

                      This was the only one I could get to upload . . . but I think you can get the idea.

                      1. re: grubn

                        These are really pretty. I was wondering what they looked like after reading your description. :)

                        1. re: grubn

                          That's a pretty impressive labor of love, given that you could just buy those...

                    2. I can't believe anyone would criticize you for wanting a personalized wedding. I was married on a cliff above the ocean. No music, no marching. People can be so rude!

                      For the favors, maybe you could use those small cookie cutters and make little gingerbread boys and girls. Put a couple into each box. I'm sure they'd freeze well. If it's sweet and creative, I don't think it would seem cheap.

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                      1. re: Glencora

                        I'm a sucker for the "something inside the box, and something related tied to the outside" gifts, so a box of cookies with the cookie cutters outside is adorable to me. Gingerbread cookies do freeze pretty well. Go the extra mile and make bride and groom cookies? Mmm...they'll bite my head off--in the good way.

                        not appropriate for this board but a quick theory...cough cough...underfed bridezillas...cough cough...

                      2. I think it really does depend on your audience but a few mini croissants wrapped in an early edition of tomorrow's newspaper would be memorable, useful and thoughtful.

                        1. If you're having an evening wedding, I like the way some restaurants will send you home with a boxed breakfast treat. The hot cocoa mix would work for something like that, or some coffee or tea. If it's an afternoon wedding, it might be nice to send guests home with the recipe for a "nightcap" -- something like hot buttered rum mix, or tom and jerry mix, or even mulling spices for mulled wine.

                          1. Having been there and done that with the favours, I would think the most important thing is that it either goes with a theme if you have one (ie Mediterranean, Spanish, Mexican) , is something that people will identify with you or your future husband, or is a regional specicalty of the season.
                            Having said that, my faves include:
                            ~Mexcian spiced nuts
                            ~sweet/salt almonds
                            ~herbed oils or vinaigrettes
                            ~cooking implements (mini tongs for gherkins, cocktail forks, etc)
                            ~drink mixes
                            ~soup mixes
                            ~homemade something or other that can be frozen (wedding cookies, chocolate dipped biscotti)
                            ~mini coffee or tea pouch
                            ~favourite summer or winter dips or spreads mix with a mini whisk and recipe; if you want to splurge, add a mini serving dish
                            ~mini bottle of liqueur or sparkling wine
                            ~mini food scented candles for the kitchen

                            1. You've gotten some great responses here... many I never would have thought of!

                              As a guest, one of the most "useful" favors was at a wedding where the couple was notorious for their coffee addiction. As favors, they took small plastic bags and filled them with coffee beans (like the bulk "Starbucks" from Costco) and then slipped it into a fabric bag that matched the wedding colors. She did some with hot cocoa mix (no marshmallows) for those she knew weren't coffee drinkers, but you could also fill the bags with some good loose tea. When you buy in bulk, the cost goes way down! It was a fairly small wedding, so the tags had the name of the guest and acted as placecards.

                              If you have a good chocolatier in the area, you could buy 1 or 2 truffles/bonbons in bulk and then repackage them in your small white boxes. You'll save money by not having the store box them up.

                              Another friend got personalized M&Ms (just in the wedding colors, not specially monogrammed - but you can do this) and just filled small white boxes with them. They were a big hit and most people ate theirs at the reception.

                              I'm a big proponent of the "it's your wedding, do whatever you want, regardless of "tradition" or advice" approach.

                              1. If you have out-of-town guests, you may want to consider the 3.2 oz liquid rule. Many people do not check in their bags and will have to throw away anything that exceeds the allowed ounces.

                                1. Most favours that I have done, are a small gift that is usually relatable to the couple. Like interests in food,wine, or sports as an example
                                  The most recent wedding party I did, were these heart shaped thick papers (about 1/4inch) that have seeds in them. The owner only needs to water them when ready to plant, they come packaged in a cello bag with cute ribbons and decorations and a little note on how to plant and care for) These are really sweet and not expensive compared to other things and give the recipient something to look forward to in the spring. To give out, they can either be put into a small white box or a cello bag that is beautifully decorated. You could do small herb pots, but in the winter, that might not work so well...Food is going to be hard for exactly the reasons you mentioned.
                                  Hot toddy recipe and mix or batter would be cute. It's all about the budget. Set it and then you will be able to narrow the ideas down...
                                  cookie cutters are a sweet idea, and can be ribboned and tagged very cute!

                                  1. I had a January wedding reception with lots of out-of-town guests, so we used beautiful citrus from the farmers markets as centerpieces (cheaper than flowers) and everybody took those home because it was better than any fruit they get in Ohio, NYC, and the other places people live. We also gave out little bags of homemade peanut brittle (it also had some ancho chile powder, almonds, and some pepitas). And for the people that travelled, I gave them a jar of strawberry conserves that I make from Harry's Berries seascape strawberries. I was trying to share in the wonderful food that we get year-round here.

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                                    1. re: glutton

                                      How nice. :) The fruit, the peanut brittle and the jam all sound great.

                                    2. Get some M&Ms made with your initials. It's pretty cheap, it's darn cute, and come on - everyone loves M&Ms. :-)

                                      1. I was also thinking that there are lots of cookies that you can make well in advance and they last covered up to a month without freezing -- one of my favorite is chocolate bourbon balls -- I often make them for Christmas, and they're great for a few weeks. The midnight rum balls someone posted on CH are also good. Biscotti are another long-lasting cookie, and easy to make in bulk.

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                                        1. re: Amuse Bouches

                                          how do you package the bourbon balls for gifting? Clear plastic bags? Boxes like the boxes for two chocolates at See's?

                                          1. re: Pei

                                            I'd put a few into a gift box like the boxes for 2 chocolates at Sees, maybe a bit bigger. They do hold their shape vs. other bourbon balls (when I make them, I just throw the whole batch in a cookie tin, and they remain discrete), but they are squashable.

                                            1. re: Pei

                                              Oh, and I just thought of another goodie that keeps well -- Italian panforte. Can be cut into squares. Delicious.

                                          2. edible flowers or crystallized ginger

                                            1. What about the nice metal wine and champagne "corks" or stoppers? They come in various styled tops. I went to nice wedding in OC and they had the nice free flowing type heart as the metal wine stopper/cork. It was a nice gift and something I use all the time when I have trouble getting the cork back onto the wine bottle! Ask the spirit board they will probably know where to get that stuff in bulk for $2-3 bucks!

                                              1. My vote is for the candied almonds, wrapped nicely of course.

                                                Here's why.

                                                Soap-- allergies
                                                Margarita mix or hot chocolate mix-- cute idea, but will people actually drink it?
                                                Ceramic measuing spoons-- very cool idea, but it may be too expensive

                                                The best party favor that I got from a wedding was the following. Two of my friends who are djs had chocolate records made. The chocolate records were about 2 inches in diameter and wrapped nicely in cellophane. They tasted good, too. I have no idea where they had them made.

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                                                1. re: katkoupai

                                                  Not that cds are so popular with all the other options. But I had chocolate cds made, and then inside the plastic container, a collage of pictures from years ago. They were well received.

                                                  1. re: chef chicklet

                                                    How cool. Where did you have them made? Do you have a photo of one?

                                                    1. re: katkoupai

                                                      No I wish I did. I use to have one, but these are common. It was a company that offered those types of things for events. I provided the pictures. They came back choclate cd in the case, and then all the pictures with my verbiage for the event it. And sealed. They loved them because the pictures had all of them on them. Fun fun fun. I am sure that there are plenty of companies on the internet that offer it now. I can search too.

                                                2. pei,

                                                  my wife and i made snow globes - its a long story but we had a friend in the toy industry and a wedding logo (have you sent your save the date cards?) - it was a lot of work but it was giving guests art work - because each one was slightly diffenent - i think we made 50. anyway - go to a japanese store like marukai 98 down in torrence and pick up 100 (whatever your attendance) of something you like, like wine bottle covers that look like kimono or original wooden trivets - i could go on forever. you could do a huge raffle, invite me. have fun. good luck.

                                                  1. Having just checked out your invitation flower design that it sounds like your sister has made (and is beautiful)--how about using that design, copying it to a bookmark size, adding one of your favorite recipes, laminating it, adding a ribbon on top and giving out bookmarks for cookbooks? It's really simple and inexpensive to do. If you wanted to do the measuring spoons, you could wrap the spoons in tuile (super inexpensive if you go to the fabric marts in LA), use the bookmark to tie it together at top.

                                                    For inexpensive containers, try:

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                                                    1. re: chowser

                                                      Great idea! I'm keeping it in mind for parties. I had briefly considered getting small booklets printed that had enough recipes to comprise a "Sunday Dinner with Pei" type thing with a favorite cocktail, hors d'oeuvres, soup, salad, entree, dessert recipe of mine, along with photos that I've used on the blog in the past. Too bad my friends would look at me like "Huh? Cook? No, we're going to keep coming to your place." And the older Chinese people would just wonder what they are supposed to do with such a thing.

                                                      Dangit, mini cookbook idea is sounding good again now that I typeed it out. I think I'll go cost out how much 100 copies would set me back.

                                                      I'll pass on the compliment to our resident artist. She's working extra hard because I told her the money saved on invites goes toward better bridesmaid dresses! I'm such a sneaky bride.

                                                      1. re: Pei

                                                        Mini--cookbook would be great, for those guests who like to cook. Depending on how much work you want to do, it could be done pretty cheaply. Make it an accordion book. For the cover, you could use the flower your sister did (on the inside a picture of you and your SO w/ the date/quote?). Photocopy your recipes and cut and paste. It might take a little time to do 100 but get a few friends together, do it assembly style and feed them. That'll get a crowd over.


                                                        1. re: Pei

                                                          Pei -
                                                          Good friends of mine did the mini cookbook idea as well. The pages were small -- around 3" x 4" and had their names, the wedding date and location on the cover. Inside were three recipes. They were bound with two hole punches, a ribbon and a cinnamon stick that ran vertically up the left side of the cover. It was a big hit.

                                                          No matter what, try to keep the stress level down and enjoy the festivites. We also had a non-traditional wedding and walked ourselves up to the Minister, didn't throw a bouquet or garter -- things I don't think my sister-in law has forgiven us for yet!

                                                      2. we did mini bottles of white wine. Each bottle was airline sized and wrapped in tulle, then tied with a ribbon in the color scheme from the wedding. On each bottle was a tag that said "Thank you for joining us, love, Mr. and Mrs..."

                                                        Each was placed on the table at each place setting. For friends who don't drink and for under 21s we had similarly wrapped bottles of boylan's ginger ale in mini glass bottles.

                                                        This was received very well. I have reports of people cracking into them on the way home from the wedding, though.

                                                        1. I'm not sure how cheap it ended up being, but I went to a wedding last year that gave away little metal lunch boxes with a label with the logo that they made for the wedding (reception, I should say, since the "wedding" consisted of the couple going to the courthouse while the guests waited outside). Inside were No. 2 pencils, a small bottle of water, and a fruit/granola bar. The couple also had pennies printed with the same logo (from the metal lunch box and the invitations), their names, and the date.

                                                          I think the hot chocolate idea is cute. Other cheap ideas might be:
                                                          ~ various loose leaf teas in little satchels (cut up pieces of cheesecloth tied with ribbon) since you're into tea (this is something I "make" for presents with other tea-related items)
                                                          ~ a nut mix (I don't have an oven handy [you don't want to know], so I "make" mine with TJs sweet/salty almond and pecan mix, TJs spiced pecan mix, good olive oil, rosemary, salt, and extra spices such as ground ginger, paprika, cayenne, and black pepper) in a "satchel" made of Saran wrap and a tie of some sort. If you feel like splurging a little, the TJs Marcona almonds in rosemary-infused olive oil is a better bet for a more pronounced herbaceous flavor. This mix, by the way, was something I devised because the little bagged nut mix that Clementine makes and sells is ridiculously expensive-- albeit wildy yummy with a great buttery flavor-- at $6-8 for what is apparently a 1/2 lb.
                                                          ~ an assortment individually-wrapped candies and chocolates-- a bag of 20-40 Korean and Japanese candies, for instance, never costs more than $3. They'd be more unusual than M&Ms, that's for certain.
                                                          ~ I couldn't make this, but fudge supposedly keeps pretty well.
                                                          ~ votives "painted" using stencils wrapped in a gauzy material tied with a ribbon. You could stick a match in the bow as well.

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                                                          1. re: PseudoNerd

                                                            Asian candy! Brilliant idea, and they always come one color per bag anyway.

                                                          2. Went to a wedding where they had chocolate covered espresso beans, because they met at Starbucks!! They out in a little personalized note with it!! Do you have anything about your relationship you would be able to put in the box with a little story?

                                                            1. im gonna make sea salt caramels for my wedding party favour.
                                                              (although, much testing will happen first... once after stumbling home from a wedding, the caramel apple party favor melted on my floor)

                                                              1. Tiny candied apples wrapped in cello with ribbon/ wish I had a picture to of one to show you. Or you can make them all different with carmel, nuts, mms, whatever you wish.
                                                                Find small apples insert a thick wooden stick and dip. Cute, inexpensive, food related.
                                                                oops sorry! looks like you have made a decision. Best Wishes to you!

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                                                                1. re: chef chicklet

                                                                  Do you use crab apples for these? Oh, my. This is super cute. I love caramel apples, and I never thought of this.

                                                                  1. re: katkoupai

                                                                    I don't know I got them at a specialty market last year in Danville, Andronico's, a sort of mixed reddish yellow tiny apple. I made them for a party. Aren't crab apples inedible?
                                                                    I wish I could tell you, but I have sure that I've seen them at times at Trader Joes. Or possible a source on the internet? I love tiny appetizers, sweets or anything for that matter.
                                                                    Let me tell you they were super cute and easy. Just make sure to let them dry really well before you wrap. That way they remain perfect....oh and this is where now having a digital camera is so helpful, I now take pictures of everything. And my husband asks me why.....

                                                                    1. re: chef chicklet

                                                                      I know the kind of apple that you describe above. I just don't know the name of them, and I think you might be right about crab apples being inedible. :)

                                                                      In any case, this sounds like a great treat, for a wedding or other occasion. :) I want to try to make these.

                                                                      1. re: katkoupai

                                                                        They are SO darn easy and SOOOO cute. Just imagine how a huge candied apple is so appealing. You can make them clear red candy. Caramel with mini choc chips or marshmallow, sprinkles, or nuts.

                                                                          1. re: Jennalynn

                                                                            a warning: i am no expert on caramel apples - but we tried to make these for our son's "day of the dead" party last october - they looked amazing when we finished - the next morning we had a tray of caramel and naked apples on sticks - not sure what we did wrong. maybe wax on the apples?

                                                                            1. re: howchow

                                                                              I didn't have that problem, how dissapointing. Sorry I didn't have my camera at the time I did these, I just recently got with it.

                                                                          2. re: katkoupai

                                                                            here they are! Thank you Jennalyn for the info. They do indeed fit in the palm


                                                                            1. re: chef chicklet

                                                                              These are just adorable. I love them. I have to tell my family about these. We all love caramel apples. Now, we'll have to make caramel lady apples. Thanks.

                                                                              1. re: katkoupai

                                                                                I wanted you to see the picture but it looks like this person had the same problem as howchow. It made me laugh, there are certainly recipes for good caramel, and you can melt caramels too. Put in the fridge to help set the caramel and the goodies.

                                                                    2. For our wedding (11 years ago!) we gave out pairs of pretty lacquered Japanese chopsticks tied with cloth ribbons personalized with our names and wedding dates. You're in LA, right? At the time we lived there and I think I got them at one of the housewares shops in the Marukai complex. It's not food, but it is food related, and it was a nice Asian touch, for I think about $2 a set. Plus, the symbolism was nice. Need to use them as a pair! Would be nice to add a porcelain chopstick rest, too.

                                                                      1. I've seen those spoons at Cost Plus and they are gorgeous! I'm wondering if you can talk to the manager and ask for a discount for quantity. I know that often they print a coupon in their ad for 30% off. I'd totally feel like I was getting a great useable wedding favor...one that would remind me of the happy couple each time I used it! I'm sure you could find some way to package them that wouldn't be too expensive. Tying a ribbon with a card attached..your names and date would be simplistic and lovely. Those spoons speak for themselves!

                                                                        1. Just looking around and thought I'd add this link:


                                                                          Maybe it can give you some other ideas!

                                                                          1. Congratulations Pei,

                                                                            I live in the San Francisco bay area and we did a wine country theme. Because I married an Italian man, I got tiny bottles of olive oil and balsamic vinegar @ Cost Plus. I found a tiny little square dish in terra cotta colors from a local restaurant supply house. I put them together in a celo bag and tied them with a trio of ribbons in rich green, purple and gold. They were beautiful and everyone was impressed.

                                                                            You could add a little bag of herbs to make a bread dip - that would be fun! I'm sure you'll find something that says "You" to your family and guests. You'll have to let us know what you finally decide on.

                                                                            Good luck and have fun!

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                                                                            1. re: Irish Foodie

                                                                              One wedding I went to last year did different types of candy wrapped in cellphane bags with a little note attached and really pretty ribbon.Another did like a beansoup mix with little tabasco bottles tied around. oh and my sil who lives in Hershey did Hersey bars with the personalized wedding stuff.Cute

                                                                            2. For my daughter's wedding 2 weeks ago, we bought some beautiful tea cups (clear glass with the gold band) from Wing Hop Fung in Monterey Park. Regular at .99 each but we asked for 20% off since we needed 260 pcs. They have the stock at their warehouse so you'll need to make arrangements to go back to pick up. In their wonderful tea department, we purchased 2 kinds of loose tea (blooming Jasmine bulbs and Jasmine pearl, both at $39.95 per pound). We wrapped in nice cellophane (Kelly's paper, one in Culver City), printed description and brewing instructions to tie with ribbon. Received nice comments on the tea. My ex, we are barely on speaking terms, even asked if I have any extra left over favors. About slightly over $2.00 each. For children/under 18, See's candy suckers. Have a wonderful wedding!