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Jun 4, 2007 11:53 AM

Nancy's Airfield Cafe, Stow MA

The Phantom Gourmet once called this place a "Hidden Jewel," I wish it were hidden for good! Four of us went to Breakfast on Saturday morning (It was a nice halfway point). It took the young waiter at least 20 minutes to get coffee to our table! Two of us ordered the House made granola, which on paper sounded awesome, but it lacked half of the ingredients they listed out that it contained! The tiny serving came with five slices of banana and a 1/4 cup of milk for $6.50, a complete rip off. Other complaints were voiced about the home fries tasting "mediciney."

I'll give credit to the location with a nice scenic drive off of 495 and the surrounding airport scenery.

Hope it's better for lunch and dinner as some other posts claim.

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  1. I met my mother and sister there for brunch a few years ago. It was mediocre at best. Have never returned.

    1. We had dinner there last Friday night.....the place was full and everyoen appeared to be happy with their meals by the sounds of the conversations around us....the four of us enjoyed it from app's to desserts and the service was friendly and efficient......the app selections were limited but the dinner selection was well-rounded covering the gamut.....and the desserts were fantastic......have no complaints and we are going to return again for dinner as soon as we can....truly enjoyed it!!!