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Jun 4, 2007 10:58 AM

Canal Club or James Beach?

I'm looking for great food and great atmosphere...

I'm having a weekday birthday gathering, and am wondering which one is better.
James Beach has a cool back room with a pool table, bar nearby, and full dining, which would be relaxing and good for mingling with friends...

Canal Club has a bar seating area, and seems to have food that would be more appealing to the majority of our group..

Can't decide! Any thoughts?

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  1. i have seen them bring food from canal club to james beach. call them at james beach, they are very accommodating.

    1. I don't think that I would describe the food at either place as "great," but it's pretty good at both places (I believe they have the same owner). I think the atmosphere at James Beach is more fun so maybe if you like the menu at Canal Club better you could eat there and then head accross the street to James Beach. Oh, and James Beach has tasty (and potent) mojitos!

      1. They are both fun places but the food isn't great at either place. It's true that you can have food from the Canal Club sent over to James Beach, they're usually very nice about it.

        1. The food at Canal Club is mostly sushi and not as well done as food at James' Beach. Drinks are good at both.

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            Funnily enough, the Mexican inspired dishes at Canal Club are much better than the sushi.

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              thanks for the info, everyone...
              i didn't know that they were so accomodating--!

          2. Both notorious pickup spots, James Beach much more so. I once took my sister and my aunt to James Beach- and they both got hit on while we were finishing our meal. The other week, I went with my girlfriend and some of our friends, and she got hit on twice while getting another beer.

            Both are just OK foodwise. I don't even remember the meal I had at James Beach, and the sushi is decent at Canal Club.