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Grilled Octupus/and or Calamari?

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Where can I go for grilled octupus and or calamari?

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    1. re: icculus

      yeah columbus cafe grilled octupus salad was yummy!

    2. Several times I have had a great grilled octopus salad at Central Kitchen in Cambridge (Central Square). Don't think I have ever had better!

      1. Rendezvous has a very good grilled baby octopus app

        1. Desfina in East Cambridge does a very nice grilled octopus.

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          1. re: StriperGuy

            Ithaki in Ipswich has the best char-grilled octopus; offered as an appy but they will make if a main dish for the asking. Ooopah!

          2. Prezza has a very tasty grilled octopus and squid appetizer .

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            1. re: phoebek

              Franklin has wonderful grilled calamari.

            2. Ariadne in Newton has a grilled baby octopus salad that's just ok, nothing exceptional. However, their grilled squid appetizer is lovely. Grilled squid, warm green olives, and hummus, all with evoo & some lemony tang. It is just super when they put their heart into it. I've had it a couple of times when the calamari are underdone. But I had it last week and it was just marvelous.