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Jun 4, 2007 10:45 AM

WEST restaurant @ 405 & Sunset ??

This is in the round hotel tower that used to be a Holiday Inn, now called Hotel Angeleno.

Anyone been to the West restaurant in that hotel recently? I saw some old posts from last summer, but I was wondering about any more recent experiences.

I'm thinking of a hosting a business lunch there (largely because of the location - - more or less halfway for people from the San Fernando Valley and the Westside (certainly closer for the Westsiders, but at least shows some consideration for the SFV crowd).

If you were thinking about suggesting the nice restaurant at the Getty...good location, but it's only open a couple days per week - - won't work for me.


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  1. I've heard that the new chef at Napa Valley Grille in Westwood is doing some nice cooking. I haven't personally verified this:(

    However, it's hard to beat the location and atmosphere there, for a business meeting.

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        Thanks for the pointer - - very helpful!

      2. I hosted a dinner for 12 in May and really enjoyed the experience. Great wine selection. Most of my guests had some type of beef/steak dish. Side dishes were good as well as dessert. Good service. I would definitely go back and host a dinner there. I have never been there for lunch so I am not sure if the menu is the same.

        Since you are very close to Brentwood, I would HIGHLY recommend Pecorino (in the old Zax location on San Vicente). Fanstastic seafood and pasta dishes. Wonderful and attentive service. I host a business lunch there around once a week. My guests always are impressed with the food. Not the most inexpensive place so be mindful of that. Lunch crowd usually does not get going until around 1:00 PM so a last minute lunch there usually is not a problem (unless I am hosting a larger dinner, I never make reservations). This has turned out to be my neighborhood hangout. Miss S. Irene gave it two stars, btw.

        1. I had my lunch there yesterday. Not terribly impressed.

          After sitting down, I noticed that my woven placemat was quite dirty. There appeared to be egg yolk smushed into one area, and brown residue of some kind smeared across the top. I called over someone from the bus staff and he agreeably took it away and brought me a fresh one.

          Our server arrived to take our order. I asked about the soup of the day and the risotto of the day. "Oh, let me check" was her reply. That was our first tip that she was ditzy. She came back with the news and we ordered. I asked for the soup to start and the antipasto platter for my lunch. She inquired which item I wanted from the antipasto. "It's a platter with samples of a few things, right? That's what I want." She nodded. I was hoping she got it. My guest ordered a salad and the short rib ravioli. It took a couple of times because the waitress couldn't get clear on the kind of salad.

          We settled in to enjoy the view and chat. Someone brought around a basket of warm bread and a pot of butter. We both had warm olive rolls which were very good.

          The soup was a large bowl of creamy mushroom. Very good. The salad my guest had was too vinegary.

          My "platter" arrived. It was a narrow rectangular plate with three small items on it. Even worse, a bowl of angel hair pasta arrived for my guest, delivered by a server who wasn't our waitress. We sent that back. Our waitress appeared a few minutes later to apologize and explain that she put in the wrong order, and moreover, that there were no shortrib ravioli. My guest ordered the cheese ravioli.

          So I ate my meager antipasto (a toast of tomato with melted burrata, a toast with smoked cheese wrapped with prociutto, and a small tanble of peppers with capers) while the kitchen cooked my guest's meal.

          It finally arrived and was declared "decent."

          We lingered for a while over lattes which were stranglely carmel-flavored, though we had not asked for any flavoring.

          The tab for two was $51, which included a comp on my guest's ravioli from the manager (we didn't ask for that - it just showed up on the tab). We didn't have any wine - not a day when either of us could imbibe.

          I probably would not go back.

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            I stay at Hotel Angeleno almost every week... and have been for the last 11 months. So needless to say I get to eat at West quite frequently.

            The food is always good... never great, never bad. You really need to think of the place as a steak house... the steaks they have are usually very good, but not as good as the better steak places around.

            The story goes like this... when the restaurant opened about 18 months ago, the executive chef was Josh Moulton, however, he did not renew his contract after his initial 12 months. Now they have a new chef Mark, formerly from Beverly Hills Hotel, I think. And he is quite good, but unfortunately he is still using pretty much the same menu Josh was. (I think there is some political reason for this and not nescessarily Mark's choice).

            As for the rest of the menu... the portions are usually small, especially the pastas. Even though you can get a full order of pasta I always here other patrons complaining about the price/size of them. However, the pastas are quite good, especially the gnocchi. The short-rib ravioli is still being perfected since Josh left, but it used to be fabulous.

            All in all, the place is ok.. and I would not hesitate to recommend that someone eat there, I just wouldnt expect unbelievable food. However the view and bar scene are worth the price of admission... and the bartenders are awesome.