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Dinner for 8 in Back Bay - won't break bank

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Hey folks,
I'm looking for suggestions of restaurants in the Back Bay area that would be good for a Saturday night dinner for 8. This is to celebrate a big graduation and parents and in-laws will be at the dinner. I'm looking for good food, not too fancy and nothing that's going to break the bank - say entree's in the $20-30 range. Do they exist in this part of town? If not, other suggestions? Type of cuisine doesn't matter. Thanks.

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  1. Casa Romero has pretty good mexican entrees for under $20, and a nice atmosphere tucked away in a back bay townhouse.

    Bouchee, believe it or not, has some affordable choices and is decent food for the neighborhood (which generally sucks).

    Bar Lola is fun for tapas, and a little cheaper than Tapeo on Newbury St.

    1. Domani (creative Italian) and Douzo (Japanese, with a modern spin).

      1. Oh, and I also LOVE Wisteria House for Taiwanese. However, I strongly urge you to NOT order the american chinese standards, which are so-so at best. Some great dishes are a crispy spicy chicken on the bone, taipei ravioli, crispy salted shrimp, spicy beef tendon, Rice with Fried Pork Chop. Their Spicy Five Spice Beef Tendon Noodle Soup is also good, and sliced Pork with garlic sauce,

        On the less authentic side, they actually have damn good egg rolls and spare ribs.

        1. Not exactly Back Bay but close enough are Eastern Standard Kitchen and Petit Robert Bistro, both in Kenmore Square. I'm having a birthday dinner for a friend this month at PRB for 8 people.

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            I like those choices, especially ESK, which I think has more of a celebratory atmosphere than Petit Robert.

            Another option just outside of the Back Bay is Pops in the South End.

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              Eastern Standard and Petit Robert both look like great options. Thanks! I'll give them a try.

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                I'll put in a word for ESK, though if you can get a reservation for that size on the big graduation weekend you will earn my eternal admiration!

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              cosign on Eastern Standard. took a group of 6 there a couple weeks ago - and while it wasn't cheap, it wasn't too extravagant either - ended up spending under $250. all selections were excellent all the way around the table.

              Petit Robert is a little more hit or miss. My wife didn't like her beef bourgignon - said it was too salty. my pork loin medallions were quite good though.