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Jun 4, 2007 10:32 AM


Okay all- Here's the deal. I am looking for a great new steakhouse to try for my birthday coming up in a few months. If it was up to me I would go to Peter Luger's for every special occasion, however my family and I have been there many times and just went there for my graduation and they want to try something different. Me and my father are steak-lovers and are looking for some great steak. My mother and sister aren't huge steak eaters so they would prefer a steakhouse that offers chicken, pasta, shrimp, pork chops, burger (for dinner). We all appreciate great sides and desserts (who doesn't) as well. So after some research I have limited my search down to a few. Please rate these steakhouses for me to make it a little easier to make a decision.

The steakhouses I have come down to are StripHouse, Porter House NY, BLT Steak, Old Homestead, and Keens. This is what I know about these so far..

StripHouse- Have heard mostly good reviews- Great steak, fun atmosphere, good sides, great chocolate cake. They offer pasta which is good for mom and sis.

Porter House NY- Don't know much theres not a lot of reviews on it. The menu looks great and they offer a lot for my mom and sister. Sides look different than typical steakhouse variety and the restaurant looks absolutely beautiful.

BLT Steak- Many people rave about it and I think this is probably the most "upscale". They offer chicken but besides that the menu may be a little limited for my mother and sister. They also appear to have the best sides of any of these places offering things like hen of woods and gnocchi.

Old Homestead- Been around forever but it seems like a lot of people on here dont like it and say its gone wayyy downhill. As a steaklover I definitely HAVE to experience it once. The Gotham Rib Steak has my name written all over it. They also offer chicken and a Kobe Beef Burger for non-steak eaters. Sides look typical.

Keens- Mostly everyone loves it and its a classic. Porterhouse for 2 is second to Luger's. They offer chicken and shrimp which is good. However, their sides look kinda blah and uninteresting. Even though simple, are they tasty??

As a favor I would loveee for everyone to rate them based on these categories..keep in mind its for my bday and I'm going with the fam....on a scale of 1-5.... Steak, Non-Steak dishes, Sides, Dessert, Atmosphere, Overall. THANKSSSSS

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  1. You missed S&W Grill which would be my choice based on your criteria.

    1. 1. Strip House
      2. Keens
      3. BLT Steak
      4. Old Homestead
      5. Porter House NY

      You should go to Strip House - I stand by it as the best steak in Manhattan, and it will not disappoint. I've had the strip and filet and found them to be consistently and utterly wonderful. The black truffle spinach is amazing and a must order. And for your mom and sis, the non-steak orders have always looked fantastic, so I'm sure they'll be happy with the selection, too.

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      1. re: coleyas

        Your suggestion echoes many on this board. The only thing is that Strip House only offers one dish I think they would really enjoy- that being the maine lobster linguine. They wouldn't eat any of the other fish options as shrimp isn't listed. They also do not offer a chicken dish. Do they maybe have specials that offer these type of dishes on regular nights? Also what about some of the other sides.... I have heard about goose fat potatoes (don't know exactly what they are but have heard mixed things). I also see creamed corn with pancetta and garlic herb fries that look good. Their restaurant in Florida offers potatoes romanoff but the one in NY doesnt list that on their website menu. Do you remember if they offer them or na? Thanks for your input.

        1. re: steakrules85

          Been only to two of those you named... Keen's and Old Homestead. I would rank them in that order. As a steaklover myself, I can understand having to try an old legendary steakhouse...but, in my opinion, OH was one of the worst I have visted in NYC. Keen's is equally legendary and better. Might want to try Frankie and Johnnie's in midtown as well. Let us know

      2. Personally, Strip House is at the top of my list, though I have read some more recent reviews that said they had gone done about (since my last visit). Their strip steak is top notch and definitely the best traditional streak I've had in the city, good sides and apps - nothing crazy original (except goose fat potatoes), standard steak sides, but i think all are solid. And I really like the atmosphere.

        I was pretty disappointed in my actual steak at BLT Steak and felt it was no comparison to StripHouse, though i really enjoyed the cheese popovers they start you out with and they have a lot of interesting and yummy sides.

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        1. re: downtownstefanie

          wolfgangs is great and is one of my tops. Capital Grill also deserves props, but Wolfgangs is much better.

            1. re: steakrules85

              The goose fat potatoes are a ball of mashed potatoes that is deep fried in goose fat. Sounds amazing, doesnt live up to the hype. Just deep fried mashed potatoes.

              1. re: princeofpork

                Are they a bit portion because I saw a picture and they look rather a ball like you said. Could it be a good side for 4?

          1. Why not BLT Prime? More expansive menu for the non-steak eaters.

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              Is BLT Prime and BLT Steak fairly the same food? I looked at the menus and they look very similar.

            2. the popovers at blt steak are special. the give you a card with the recipe too.(not sure if they still do that)

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              1. re: jsmitty

                1. Porter House
                2. Strip Hous
                3. Keens
                4. BLT Steak
                5. Homestead

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                  Can you tell me some more about Porter House?