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Jun 4, 2007 10:09 AM

OLA questions

OLA's menu looks delicious, but the online version leaves out the pricing. Can anyone give me a general idea about what the entree price ranges? I suspect the old adage applies that if you have to ask.... Not necessarily a deal breaker in my case, but curious. Will be in Miami in early July and I'm trying to make some dinner decisions.

Also, coming from a place without any proper Nuevo Latino cuisine, I'm curious about the ceviche on the menu. Is that usually ordered as a starter, or along with other starters? Or do people make a meal of it?


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  1. Meatballs and the free cheesebread are the best things on the menu btw. The mains run in the 30+ range as I remember and are not huge. Ceviche is an app there. They don't serve large portions. The rainbow ceviche there is a must.

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      As TP says, ceviche is an app size at OLA. If you go to a Peruvian place they usually serve enought to make it a meal (along with the boiled sweet potato and cripy hominy). River Oyster Bar has a pretty good ceviche and some Latam style dishes if you're looking for that.

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        Thanks! I look forward to trying these things that are hard to get your hands on in Charlotte.

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          $30s for mains is about right. Ceviches are probably high teens each and typically done as a starter at the nuevo latino places. They do some nice "samplers" which are pricey (I'd venture to guess around $35 for a choice of 3 or 4) but are nice to split. I like the duck done w/ a seared breast and shredded confit mixed in with a really interesting semi-crispy baked rice type dish called a raspado.