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Events at the Hotel Monaco/Poste?

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Has anyone ever been to an event at the Hotel Monaco that was catered by Poste? We are looking at having our wedding there and wanted to get a take on how the food was. We are also planning on hitting the restaurant this week...any things to definitely order/stay away from?

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  1. The absolute MUST is their truffle fries. They are hands down the best fries I've had in the DC area!

    I've only been there for brunch so I can't really help you out with the rest of the menu---but the fries are worth the trip alone!

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      Also the tartare is incredible as well.

      I've never done an event at a Kimpton hotel, but know they are pretty highly regarded as hotels go.

    2. Had our wedding at a Kimpton hotel. They are great to work with and food is pretty good. As far as Poste goes have before dinner drinks in courtyard and defintely have the truffled fries.