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Jun 4, 2007 09:20 AM

Best Eats in Hilton Head?

I'm travelling to Hilton Head Island in the next few weeks and wanted to find the best restaurant in town -- ideally, not completely overrun by tourists. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. was there overnight last weekend; we had breakfast at a place called "stacks" that I thought was fair. Sad to say we just had pizza delivered for dinner as TS Barry got there the same time we did :(
    I wanted to stop at "squat and gobble" in bluffton to see what all the hoopla was about, but based on the name, my wife refused to go.

    1. here is a great comprehensive list of restaurants there:

      i liked Redfish a lot

      1. I love Hilton Head and have visited a handfull of times. Other than the happy hours eating pounds of crab legs & drinking cold beer, the best meal I had was at the Old Fort Pub. Great atmosphere, service, and good food.

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            sorry for the delayed reply.

            there were a few spots with cheap crab legs @ happy hour

            the one I can remember best was Catch 22


          2. re: swsidejim

            I agree. Old Fort Pub is very good food with incredible ambience.

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              An after dinner walk around the grounds is quite relaxing, and the food & drinks were very good as well.

          3. From a 26 year islander (with a penchant for Italian food)

            MIchael Anthony's, Orleans Plaza. Dependable upscale food and wine in a comfortable setting. They never have to advertise.

            Mulberry Street Trattoria, just over the bridge, take the first right after the Moss Creek light. Joe is a fine cook and the place is worth the hype.

            Il Carpaccio, in Pineland Station. Another good Italian place that also does a good pizza.

            La Famiglia, near Palmetto Dunes. Tiny and nice. Pino also owns a gelateria in the village of Wexford.

            Non Italian:

            Spice, the Village at Wexford. Indian food in an atmosphere not found this side of Manhattan.

            Charlie's Etiole Verte on New Orleans Road. Excellent food in extremely comfortable surroundings.

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              We hit the Squat and Gobble last fall--it was great--nothing fancy, but a good deal--very down-home!

              Our favorites are:

              Michael Anthony's: last summer at there twice in one week.
              Sea Grass Grill: former staff from Charlie's Etiole Verte and in the old location--great quality food--nothing fancy and amazing service.
              Alligator Grille--surprisingly good sushi

              I might try Mulberry Street Trattoria this year--it sounds interesting!

            2. As a Hilton Head homeowner for over 10 years, my absolute favorite is Alexander's in Palmetto Dunes. It is just consistently delicious! Kingfisher is also quite good. Juleps I really enjoy as well as Truffles. Michael Anthony's is absolutely delicious as well!