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Oct 27, 2005 03:25 PM

Zin Restaurant... any recent experiences?

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I was homesick, so I started looking over some restaurants from back home. One which I particularly remembered was Zin Restaurant in Healdsburg. Has anyone gone there recently? Has it gotten better or worse than a year ago?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. my boyfriend and i went there for dinner last spring. it was great, really reasonable and the food was very fresh tasting. i had a pasta and i can't remember what my boyfriend was. really friendly service. we liked it.

    1. i was there for lunch maybe 6 wks ago, and the sandwiches are still creative and well done, the tempura string beans, ditto. i think i had a hot lamb sandwich, which was big enough for leftovers, and rich enough too. went nicely with a flight of local reds.

      service was quite good, no wait even on a nice friday afternoon.

      1. We were there with another couple about 2 weeks ago.
        I had a braised pork shank served on top of creme-fraiche mashed potatoes. It was melt-in-your mouth good - talk about ultimate comfort food! The other 3 people all had the hanger steak and said it was excellent We had a great waitress.

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          I frequently eat out with friends in the Bay Area and are very familiar with Healdsburg. Although this resturant has some good dishes like their green bean appetizer (probably their best dish) the wide open space and harsh walls make for a very noisy atmosphere. But the worst part of it was the service - all time worst in our collective 50+ years of extensive dining out. It was absolutely appalling. I am frankly shocked at the positive reviews I've seen. Could we be talking about the same resturant? As far as I am concerned, Zin in Headlsburg is to be avoided - it's mediocre and the service is terrible. There's too many other wonderful places to spend your time. Don't waste it on this one where the staff rushes you and makes you feel like their doing you a favor by letting you eat there (to be frank - they're snobs with no good reason).

          1. re: PPace

            As the chef/owner of Zin, I take great pride in my restaurant and how it is run. The above posting was done by someone in a group of people who was asked to leave because they were very drunk. This person has now taken a vindictive approach to the review process by copying this "exact" review to various review sites online. For an example, go to tripadvisor and type in zin restaurant healdsburg and look at the posting by quarkonium. They joined tripadvisor just to make that one posting and have not been back since. You can see this by looking at their profile.
            While i love sites like chowhound that allow users to freely exchange information about dining experiences, they are a double edge sword for us in the biz. Anybody with an axe to grind such as an 86'd customer, disgruntled former empolyee, or the competition can trash you. I constantly look at review sites as they help me monitor what the word on the street is about my place. Sometimes it helps me to improve what i am doing and make corrective changes.

            1. re: jcmall

              It's clear to any reader that the poster above has an axe to grind and will ignore it. The number of positive posts and constructive comments about Zin far outweigh a one-hit griper (check poster's MyChow). It's best to ignore trolls like that that and not feed 'em here.

              P.S. Love your grits, thanks for sharing the vendor info.