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Seared Tuna Steaks- need a side dish

Hi all- I am cooking for a woman for the first time on Wednesday, planning to make some seared tuna steaks and rub them with a little cayenne pepper, black pepper, etc. I'm leaning towards making a mango salsa to go over the tuna. Any thoughts on a good side dish and veggie as well as a good wine to pair with it?

I am pretty handy in the kitchen, and have or can access almost anything.



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  1. if you lean toward an Asian flavor, edamames, baby bok choy, rice

    1. This would compliment you tuna and mango

      2 C. cooked black beans, if canned, drain well. Combine with 2 C. cooked rice, 1 1/2 C. fresh cilantro, 1/4 c. fresh lime juice, 3/4 c. oil, 1/2 c chopped red onion, 2 smashed cloves garlic S&P to taste. Serve lightly chilled or at room temperature. All you would need would be a good crusty roll or baguette and top quality butter. It is summer and hot so I would probably go for a cold and crisp French rose with that.

      1. If you're doing something slightly spicy and with mango salsa, why not Jamaican rice and peas? Or black beans and rice.


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          Looks like we are on the same page.

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            I was looking for a side to go with tuna, which brought me to Chowhound. Thanks #1 for that. Also, the beans and rice were AMAZING. Thanks #2, #3, and #4 for that. I, my wife and even my 12 year old loved it; and I mean LOVED IT!

        2. This is one of my favorite dinners and my wife always rolls her eyes 'cause she knows what will accompany the seared tuna. I keep it simple with steamed veggies on the side. Either a mix of broccoli & baby carrots or broccoli & snap peas. I sprinkle a little grated parmesan on when serving.

          By the way, here's how I prepare the tuna. I'll grind up a combo of black peppercorns and dried ancho chiles. (Sometimes I'll also add some cashews to the mix.) Press the tuna into the mixture on one side. Sear on the coated side for 3 minutes at high heat. Then 1 minute on the other side.

          1. The MAngo Salsa is a great addition. I think mashed taters, with a litte wasabi added would be good.

            1. Mango Salsa sounds wonderful! To counteract the sweetness of it, I like something a little tangy. Like a variation of Tabouli... I made a wonderful one recently with Pomegrante Molasses... that would go wonderful with fish...


              1. seems no one does it any more, but a nice light pasta/vegetable salad with some feta or blue cheese crumbles would be a good combination.

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                  I personally would go with something steamed or grilled, like asparagus or snow peas. If you have a vegetable grate for the BBQ, brush some sesame oil on some snow/snap peas and grill them alongside the tuna. Then sprinkle with sesame seeds, preferable balck ones, for a great presentation. This could be done with baby bok choy as well.
                  I don't serve strong cheese with fish dishes.

                2. Straight-up Jasmine rice would work well--sounds like you'll have a lot of nice flavours going on, so it would be cool to have something more neutral (if you can call good jasmine rice 'neutral') on the plate.

                  1. Thanks all - ended up doing the tuna steaks with the black peppercorns and ancho chiles, wasabi mashed, and bok choi - all in all went very well.

                    1. Fresh seasoned bean sprouts
                      Bean Sprouts for Ban Chan


                      1 lb fresh bean sprouts
                      2 green onion, chopped
                      1/2 small carrot, shredded
                      1 tsp toasted sesame seed
                      1 tsp salt


                      Bring 1 quart of water to a full boil.
                      Add bean sprouts and return to full boil.
                      Cook for 1 minute then remove from heat.
                      Rinse immediately in cold water, drain, and then place in a medium mixing bowl.
                      Add all other ingredients and toss until well mixed.
                      Serve chilled or at room temperature as part of a ban chan array.

                      1. Broccoli Stem Slaw
                        Israeli couscous

                        1. I had a gastric bypass about a year ago and besides having lost nearly 150 lbs, i have found that Seared Tuna is easily one of my favorite healthy dishes.

                          My absolute favorite side is a light fresh Quinoa salad. 2 c prepared quinoa, 2 oranges (zested, peeled and diced, use the zest and "meat" of the orange), dried almonds, dried cranberries, s&p, and a little balsamic/EVOO vinaigrette. You can also do quinoa, diced sweet peppers, red onions, edamame, and a simple themed viniagrette (citrus compliments the mango well, or a cider vinegar with an Ancho or Chipotle rub on the tuna.
                          This stuff is too flexible to ignore and is a fantastic healthy replacement/alternative to rice for those who either can't, or won't have it. I fall into both categories.

                          Sorry for resurrecting such an old post...but I too was looking for something new to do with Tuna today and found it...signed up for CH and well...now y'all have to put up with me LOL