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Jun 4, 2007 09:03 AM

1789 or Komi

I'm taking my very mature 15 yr old daughter to Washington for 3 days this month. We are Chowhounds from LA and really want a DC experience.

On my last night, should I book 1789 or Komi?

For the other nights, my girlfriend recommended Clyde's, Me Too, Central and Zaytinya.
I've heard "Me Too" is VERY cool, but I'm really looking for atmosphere and good food.

Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!


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  1. Are you thinking of Mie N Yu? I've never heard of Me Too

    I've personally never been to Komi but I have been to 1789 and LOVED it. It's def. an older crowd--some might say stuffy. But I actually found the experience a lot of fun. The service is top notch, you get to get dressed up and eat in a classic DC dining room and be waited on hand and foot. It's a nice change of pace from what you usually experience in restaurants. We had 2 waiters who's names I wished I could remember who were very helpful and very friendly at the same time.

    Komi from my understanding has a much more limited menu than 1789. It's a little more trendy and practically impossible to get a reservation these days since the chef was just named Best New Chef or something along those lines. So its a very popular spot at the moment.

    But 1789 is unlike any other restaurant you named on your list.

    And btw...I would personally skip Clyde's all together. I've had and heard of too many mediocre experiences there for me to recomend it to anyone.

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      Elyssa s right on this, and skip Mie N Yu as well. Central is right on.

    2. 1789 and Komi are quite different and both quite good. 1789 is traditional Washington, a sort of Colonial feel to it. Komi is sleek, modern and more avant garde food. I highly recommend it.

      Mie'N'Yu is all atmosphere and quite mediocre food. Go and have a drink if you must but don't eat there. Clyde's is a local chain and serves "safe" food; where you might take your grandmother. I don't recommend it. Central and Zaytinya are both good choices.

      1. I think you're thinking of Mie N Yu in Georgetown, right? The food is so-so, and definitely not worth the price. I'd skip Clyde's and DEFINITELY go to Zaytinya. If you're up for more than one small plates restaurant, try Jaleo for tapas. I think Komi would be more fun than 1789, but 1789 is more of a "DC"'s like comparing apples and oranges.

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          Agree with everything beta says. Skip Mie N Yu, Skip Clydes, and definitely check out Zaytinya (and Jaleo if you've got another free dinner). I found 1789 kind of blah, but it does have history. Komi gives you a very limited amount to choose from, so do keep that in mind if that is going to be a problem. Central is wonderful, as is the new Brasserie Beck.

        2. Hey DFD - Check out the Central reviews here on a separate post, I just shared my experience there on Friday night and would not recommend it.
          If you are looking for a place that a mature 15 year old would find cool, with unbelievable food, you must go with Komi (if you can get a reservation!). It is the ultimate dining experience with a spectacular series of small plates (house cured olives, mini butter radishes with cream cheese and caviar, and many others), entrees of which you've never tried the likes of before (we forgot our doggie bag of roasted baby goat at the restaurant and I'm still in mourning about that), and amazing desserts (my partner's mother never finishes her dessert and she ate TWO desserts at Komi). To make all this even better, the waitstaff are a bunch of young, cool (but friendly) beautiful people, the atmosphere is intimate and makes one feel very special, and the music that was piped in was really good (lots of Indie artists, rather unusual for dining).

          Zaytinya is also good, but nowhere near the caliber of Komi. Near Zaytinya there is a new place PS-7 that is very trendy, with a neat menu (presentation was gorgeous), and the food was good there too; reservations are easy to get.

          If good food is more important than the cool factor and you are seafood fans I'd also throw Black Salt into the mix - great dining there.

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            Komi sounds great. I looked at the menu on the website-- are there good options for vegetarians/ or seafood eaters from your visit?

            1. re: rln

              I don't eat meat. Whenever I eat at Komi, I let the server know and the kitchen responds graciously, often fixing special appetizers for me while my carnivore GF has the regular items. There are more than enough entrees to choose from that are seafood. Strict vegetarians may find the menu limiting but I am confident that the chef would be happy to accommodate. You might want to mention any dietary restrictions when you nake your reservations [which are a must].

              1. re: Dakota Guy

                Actually, when I ate at Komi I let them know in advance that I don't eat red meat. They were very nice about it. They confirmed this with me as I walked in the door. Then they proceeded to keep bringing out meat things in the "appetizer" portion of the meal. I had to keep flagging the waiter back over and saying "are you sure this isn't meat, because it sure looks/tastes like it" only to be told "uh... ooops" and having it whisked away. Everything was very tasty, but this was a pain in the /ss. I realize it isn't their job to worry about this, but I do want to warn vegetarians that it could be a problem.

          2. I have been to both 1789 (once) and Komi (I think 3-4 times). They are indeed very different restaurants. 1789 certainly has good food and an old school atmosphere, but it is far from hip and modern. Komi is a very small place, modern, the food is brilliant and the service very, very good. Komi is only edged by Palena for me on the DC food scene (ignoring the truly expensive places like Maestro, Citronelle, Laboratorio, CityZen, etc). I'd forget about 1789 and book a table at Komi.

            I also suggest skipping Clyde's and hitting something more interesting. One place that I have heard is very good and 'hip', might be Hank's Oyster Bar.

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            1. re: Pool Boy

              Hank's is an excellent choice...especially if you are from LA because it will give you a little taste of what the East Coast has to offer. You can go for lunch or brunch as well.