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Jun 4, 2007 08:56 AM

Shanghai Restaurant

Has anyone tried the dinner service at Shanghai Restaurant at 6700 Middle Fiskville Rd, Austin, TX 78752? I think they've only been open a couple of weeks based on what I can remember. Anyways, Mom and I found the dim sum on Sunday to be pretty authentic to HK style. I haven't been to Pao's yet, but I found it a lot better than T&S, Tien Hong, and Marco Polo.

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  1. Actually, the address is 6718 Middle Fiskville. We went there yesterday. Some items are good and others (like shrimp dumplings) aren't. The place, which is small, was pretty busy. We haven't had dim sum at other places in Austin so can't compare, but we'd say it's acceptable for Austin--nohing like dim sum at Chinatown in major cities. For a point of reference, we like Din Ho's food (we like Cantonese). We thought the (non-dim sum) food at T&S was horrible.

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      Thanks for the exact address, I couldn't find it on-line and I didn't know what restaurant it had replaced.

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        Based on my online search, it replaced Oishi Sushi House. We went to Shanghai Restaurant solely because of your above posting! There is no other info on this restaurant online!! Power of Chowhound :-) Pls post how you'd like Pao's compared to Shaghai if you go.

    2. have been there three times now: twice for dim sum, and once for some takeout. the dim sum is pretty good, on par, if not better than marco polo. the first time i went, on father's day, the service needed a lot of help, but the second time it was better and all the food was piping hot, which was nice. i got a pepper steak chow fun, and that was good.

      for takeout, got the kung pao chicken and combination fried rice. the kung pao wasn't very authentic, it was more like a spicy chicken in black bean sauce, but it was tasty. the fried rice was good and they used large shrimp, which is unusual in fried rice.

      so far, a thumbs up from me...

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        Did they serve the chow fun for dim sum? We didn't see it.

        We were there on Father's Day--most servers were handling multiple carts, some also acting as hostesses, looking pretty busy.

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          yeah, they need to work on their service. i ordered the chow fun off the menu during dim sum.

      2. Can somebody else post their thoughts on the shrimp dumplings offerred here?

        Whenever my family and I go out for dim sum, we almost exclusively order shimp dumplings (we're crazy about shrimp).

        kuidaore expressed his discontent with the shrimp dumplings here. If someone else feels the same way about the shrimp dumplings, then you'll save me from making a trip here.


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          yeah, i was surprised to see kuidaore's comment. i've had the shrimp dumplings both times and they were very good both times. the shrimp was fresh and tasty and the wrapping was not mushy or overdone. as a plus, they are also larger than the shrimp dumplings at most of the other austin dim sum places.

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            Thank you Chowhound--My old Austin favorite is back! I read kuidore's post and had to go see if it was the same Shanghai that was here back in the 80's. I've been a couple of times and talked to some of the waitstaff...turns out that the place is owned/operated by the same family who owned the Shanghai that was located on 2222 and they were the first ones to bring dim sum to Austin (been here for 35 years...)

            The dim sum was quite good. I think the buns are my favorite, both the baked and steamed. The shrimp dumplings I've had twice and they are good (not as good as NYC chinatown, but good for Austin). I like that you get 4 big dumplings though. They also had roat pork, duck and some chicken on the carts and the pork I must say is the BEST in Austin. The skin was crispy and not chewy. I feel cheated at Din Ho because sometimes they don't have the same amount of skin to meat or the quality is inconsistent. Not sure what the chicken dish was called but it was delicious!

            We just asked for noodle dishes and were brought a menu which I must admit was quite overwhelming. Once you kinda get through it, you'll find a lot of authentic dishes. We were happy to see the Shanghai Fried Noodles on the menu and even happier when it was just as good if not better than I remembered. I have not yet found any Chinese restaurant in Austin that serves this.

            I saw a tank of live lobster and crab on our way out so am looking forward to trying the dinner service.

            Thanks again for the post or I probably wouldn't have found them.

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              Really?! We both thought the shrimp dumplings were bland and the wrapping/skin was too thick--one of the worst shrimp dumplings we've ever had. If we go back to Shanghai R, we definitely won't order them again, but if theirs are better than those at other dim sum places in Austin, I don't think we'll eat them in Austin! Positives: my man liked clams, shu mai and quail egg shu mai (he's a shu mai guy).

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                We went there for dim sum today and we were very impressed. First off, we were so thrilled with how fresh everything was. We started out with baked pork buns and shrimp egg rolls. The buns were chewy and gooey and the barbecue pork wasn't too sweet. The egg rolls were amazing; they were just shrimp wrapped in paper and fried. They were so light and chunky with shrimp that I couldn't stop at the half I initially tore off for myself.

                The siu mai was good; my husband liked it more than I did, as there was a strange smoky finish that I didn't quite love. The sticky rice portions were VERY generous, and our toddler actually deigned to eat some of it, which is saying something.

                The steamed pork buns were even better than the baked ones, and the shrimp dumplings were delicious. I didn't find the wrapper to be too thick (I tore off a piece for our son, since we're not feeding him shellfish yet, and it was unremarkable in its thickness) and the portion of shrimp inside was quite generous.

                We finished off with a serving of pork and vegetable dumplings, which were, again, quite generous, and very very delicious, with the perfect balance of meat to veggies.

                We are not big beef eaters, so we skipped the beef offerings, and weren't interested in bean curd or chicken feet, but there were plenty of dishes on offer. They had a squid curry that we were tempted to accept, but we were just too full. Just as we were leaving (toddler naptime), a cart bearing Chinese broccoli and jellyfish salad was circulating on the floor. Maybe next time!

                We got there at the stroke of 11 and were the first guests of the day. We had to wait several minutes for the first cart to come through, which was fine, but it meant that we didn't get a chance to try anything from the veggie or dessert carts (my kingdom for a don tot!). Next time, we'll go a little later, when things are rocking, so that we can sample a wider variety of dishes. By the time we left (around 11:35), the place was filling up with couples and families.

                Shanghai has T&S beat hands-down on freshness, ambience, and service. We've got a new go to place for dim sum!