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Jun 4, 2007 08:06 AM

Rosewater Recipes

Could you post or suggest one of these recipes?

I made chicken in rose petal sauce one year for Valentine's Day, using a recipe from Like Water for Chocolate. I love that soft subtlety.

I would love to try rose-infused ice cream, with the petals too of course! My sweety's birthday is coming up and this would be perfect....

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  1. It can be used in lassi or the syrup for baklava.

    Be careful though, if you add too much, the food will smell exactly like pond's cold cream.

    Epicurious pops up seven recipes including rice pudding, turkish delight, and angel cake.

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      What about rose water creme brulee - haven't tried to make it, but could be tasty.

      1. re: MMRuth

        Or rice pudding, Indian style. I've done it, and it's great if you go very light on the rose.

    2. Claudia Fleming (former chef of NYC's Gramercy Tavern) has a recipe for a rhubarb rose cobbler with rose cream. It takes both rose water and rose preserves and it is really delicious. I made it earlier this spring. This recipe can be found in her cookbook, The Last Course, and possibly through the NY Times website (they printed it several years ago). The Last Course also contains other rose-oriented recipes (rose meringues, rose parfaits, and goat yogurt rose mousse) that sound very yummy.

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        wow! that's perfect. I wonder where I would find rose preserves. I am a rhubarb fiend so that would really be ideal! I'm surprised that the rose is strong enough to hold up to the rhubarb flavor. It sounds delightful!