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Jun 4, 2007 08:32 AM

Nashville - Huntsville where to stop?

Hi, I'm going to be driving from Nashville airport - a friend's house in Huntsville, AL. We want to make a mini-roadtrip out of the drive. Our flight gets into Nashville early so we'd like to do breakfast in Nashville and then lunch somewhere on the way. Any suggestions for Southern/BBQ eats? Any price range. Is there anything in Lynchburg besides the Jack Daniels distillery worth stopping for? Thanks!

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  1. From the Nashville airport to Huntsville is interstate nearly all the way, except for a short street near Huntsville, so opportunities for "authentic" eats like barbecue are pretty limited. However, there's plenty of pretty good food in Nashville, less so in Huntsville. There's a fantastic restaurant very near the airport called Ellendale's. It's at the corner of Donelson Pike and Old Elm Hill Pike, up on a hill, driveway on Old Elm Hill Pike. Food's great -- my company takes clients here often. Southern with a twist, served buffet style. Same family operates a lunch place called Phat Bites about a block away that's also superb. I always get the three-salad plate, with sesame noodles, tarragon-almond chicken salad and baked potato salad.
    Opry Mills is down Briley Parkway, which itself is one exit from the airport. It's a megamall with a Tony Roma's rib place, and a Texas-style barbecue place that other people on these boards don't like, but I think it's as good as mall barbecue gets. It's an option if you're in a hurry.
    The airport is 6 miles from downtown out I-40. If you drive to the Demonbreun Street exit and take Demonbreun to eighth Ave, turn right, in a couple of blocks, just past the railroad overpass, you'll find Arnold's, the city's best meat-and-three. About 3 blocks away on Lafayette across the street from a beautiful little church is Dandegure's. I've written often about these two places on these boards.
    Easier to find is Elliston Place Soda Shop, which is just off West End Ave near Vandy and offers our local meat-n-three cuisine in a great old soda fountain location, though I haven't eaten there in 3 years.
    For the city's best barbecue (in my opinion), drive waaaaaay out 8th avenue about 5 miles to the place where the interstate flyovers are and turn left. Can't recall name of street -- maybe Berry Hill Road. meander around that maze of streets until you find Mothership Barbecue at 2806 Columbine.
    The road from I65 to Huntsville used to have a lot of great 'cue places, but they've all closed in the last 10 years. I spend a lot of time in Huntsville, and I've had some terrible meals and some substandard meals, and one good meal, but no great ones.
    Moore County, where Lynchburg is situated, is a pretty place, very small and quiet, with twisty roads that wind around the hilly rocky topography that yields that precious spring water. Lots of rural peace and bliss there,and Miss Mary Bobo's boardinghouse. If you love horse country, rolling hills, and can get a reservation at Miss Mary's for the most souther meal you're likely ever to eat, then take in a tour of the distillery, you will have seen the best that rural Tennessee has to offer. There are some B&Bs in that area, though I've never stayed in any of them.
    Happy travels!

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      Thank you so much for all the info, fluffernutter!

    2. The George Dickel distillery is near the Jack Daniels one, and they make much better whisky there.

      1. How about Loveless Cafe? They are only about 10 miles off of I-65 down Old Hickory. They do a mean breakfast and the biscuits are killer. And Elliston's does a good breakfast.

        1. Not sure when this will be but if you're in Huntsville on a Friday or a Saturday you need to do the BBQ lunch at Jack Daniels. From Huntsville proper it's about an hours drive. The distillery tour is great and the lunch is even better. It's $20 and includes, pulled pork, bbq chicken, slaw, tater salad, cornbread, spiced apples, chocolate pie and entertainment.
          No booze, it's in a dry county. You can however buy collectible bottles in the White Rabbit room.
          But they do make the best whiskey anywhere.

          The wife and I love Stan's Country Kitchen for breakfast off 65 near Columbia.


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            If you don't count Old Forester, Jack may be the best, though there are as many opinions about whiskey as there are people.
            Amen to Stan's -- I had forgotten about it. We stopped there for lunch two summers ago. It's a good 'hound place-- family run, looks a little unique, nothing fancy in the way of decor, because the effort is in the food, and it's good, though we just had a hot lunch and a sandwich.

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              I'll have to fine Old Forester and give it a try. I currently have about a dozen different whiskeys in my bar. I think at most I had 14. Gentleman Jack on ice is as good as it gets in my books. And I have a $300 bottle of scotch.