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Jun 4, 2007 08:23 AM

restaurant jezebel review

Okay guys, bear with me.. first review. I should write more of these...

my gentleman-friend and i called at ten till 9 on saturday night, hoping we would get reservations at jezebel, but thinking it would be unlikely due to the events downtown/lateness/saturday-night-ness. However, they said they had a table at 9 waiting for us. so Zoom! We arrived (seven minutes later) to a less-than half-full restaurant (eyebrows raised)...but i was still excited. the menu looked ambitious, the ambience perfect (candles, artwork, crisp white linens, perfect music choice/volume). We were both a bit sleep-deprived/ recovering from everyday life.. (read:
completely indecisive).. and right off the bat we were completely enchanted with the excellent service.. advice on wine was spot-on (we had a fantastic white burgundy via the advice of our waiter). we generally enjoy getting many appetizers and splitting a main-- the highlights of the evening involved the sashimi trio, the heart of palm salad... and perhaps some of the most well executed crab-cakes i have ever had (and my mother is a chef. crab cakes are her favorite....). no detail is overlooked by restaurant jezebel-- a little purse-holding device was immediately brought to my side, (i was later told by my date..) every time my napkin was displaced (im notorious for napkin-flinging), it was discretely replaced.. the waitstaff didnt miss a beat, and also was unobtrusive (which seems a delicate balance to achieve).
In any case, we will be back very soon.. and hope you will too. if not for delicious food and great wine list, for the service and ambience.

at the end of the night, it had us saying 'what an experience. we are lucky to have this little piece of ideal reality."

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  1. Welcome, elenoise, please continue with reviews. We've only been to Jezebel once and thought it an odd experience. The setting is indeed nice (but man the bathrooms should be nominated for a Chronicle award for funky bathrooms--astroturf?). I'm not a wine drinker but I've heard good things about their wine.

    The menu is really all over the place/off the wall (chocolate covered slamon?). I had a special egglplant dish that night that had probably too many flavors going on. I was also shocked to realize I paid $30 for 2 strips of eggplant. I should note the price was on the specials list--not one of those we'll name the special and you can guess the price. Still, I wasn't paying attention and thought it sounded good and it was, but jeez, the eggplant was more than the salmon.

    Anyway, Jezebel is one of those restaurants that gets no buzz on this board even though it has a good kitchen and fascinating menu. Thanks for post about it.


    1. Great review. I am the one person who's written a review of the place until now (that hasn't been removed, anyway), and I've had some amazing meals there. But, last time I went, it was so salty that I couldn't even eat my appetizer or the main course (which would have been a perfect seafood risotto). That combined with a similar experience to Carter ($17 for a piece of cake, in my heard that right...$17) and the fact that they are no longer BYOB has taken them off my list, even though I think there is some great food to be had there.

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        I've been once for dinner and twice for lunch and I've always been impressed. Like elenoise stated, the service is stellar-that delecate balance of there and helpful and unobtrusive. The details are wonderful, from the purse stand to the simple syrup for the iced tea (and I don't even like it sweet!). My dinner there was absolutely out of this world: veal chop with crab. Oh wow, that was just--it was perfectly cooked and the balance of the veal with the sweet crab? Man.

        My mom had the sea bass with lobster (I think?) and I flipped out when I tasted it. It's rare that I order lobster in a restaurant as I tend to find that some overcook it (I'm EXTREMELY persnickety to overcooked seafood) but this was absolutely melt-in-your-mouth perfect and so sweet!

        The creme brulee is one of my top two in Austin (Mirabelle being the other). I will say that my second lunch was a little on the salty side and my friend felt the same way, but I am a salt-a-holic and wasn't too bothered by it.

        You don't seem to hear much about this place and I hope that it starts to get the attention it deserves. I plan on taking a friend of mine who's a chef there when she comes to visit from NYC. I hope they don't disappoint me!