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Jun 4, 2007 08:22 AM

lincoln center area, pre-ballet dining for girls-night-out on a budget

I need to pick a place for a party of 8-12 young women (over 21!) to have a good time before the ballet on Wednesday evening. Want to have a 'nice night out' but can't afford really high-end places. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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  1. If you don't mind a short walk, Landmarc recently opened an uptown branch in the Time Warner Center. Very reasonable wine prices and lots of items to share on the menu, and they'll take reservations for a party your size.

    1. My friends and I do this every year. This is where we go:
      1. Fiorello's - a little pricey, but ok if you order anipasto, appetizers, or the pizza.
      2. Rosa Mexicano - same, but we just get guacamole and margaritas!
      3. Ollie's - the service is a bit harried, but the dumplings are delicious and it's dirt cheap.
      4. They just opened up a PJ Clarke's over there, so that's where we're going next - great burgers, beer, and very reasonably priced.

      1. sushi a go go 1900 Broadway, New York, NY 10023.

        nice place. not too far

        1. Compass, on 70th St., b/t Amsterdam & West End Avs., serves excellent New American cuisine in a space that has very attractive contemporary decor. They have two round tables that can seat a group your size. It would be helpful to know your per person budget. However, while the a la carte menu may be too expensive, they offer a 3-course prix-fixe for $35.

          1. Epices, on 70th just west of columbus. Reasonable prices, accomodating service and pretty solid mediterranean fare. Make sure you reserve in advance because it's pretty popular for pre-theatre.