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Jun 4, 2007 08:20 AM

Best Mexican Food in Denver (area)

Wife is traveling to Denver (actually, Aurora); any recommendations?

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  1. Is she willing to travel around the city for good chow?

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    1. re: jtc

      Yes- and recommendations do not have to be limited to Mexican, by the way, it's just that we live on the East Coast, so that is always something we look for when we travel out west.

    2. Mezcal on E. Colfax serves up regional Mex that is pretty darned good. Kitchen is open WAY late, and as their name implies, they have a serious roster of tequilas available.

      Jack N Grill is DO NOT MISS New Mex, on Federal, not too far from Mile High Stadium.
      Cash only, so be forewarned, but the chow is top notch as is the vibe.

      1. I suggest El Tepehuan at 3457 South Broadway. Anything with the shredded beef is excellent: smothered burritos, soft tacos, etc. I usually order the BOB burrito, which is a shredded beef and bean burrito smothered with green chili and topped with sliced avacado. The rellenos are very good also. Their green chili has a good bite without being too intense.

        1. If she is in Aurora, my first choice would be La Cueva, on E. Colfax, pretty much in the "heart" of old Aurora. Great, homemade Mex, with some hints of Tex-Mex added. Nabor Nuñez and his wife (cannot recall her name right now), have been an Aurora fixture for decades. It is not a fine-dining establishment, but has the best that I had found, in the 20 years, that we lived there.

          In the time that I frequented it, Wednesday's lunch was "Tamal Day," and I'd add a cheese enchilada to go with it. I took most of my clients there, and never got one complaint - this was the Tante Louise crowd, so they knew good food. Many of those same folk, who still live in Denver/Aurora go frequently, after that first lunch.

          One caveat: "downtown" Aurora was undergoing a re-birth, but late evenings on Colfax were not the best. I do not know how that may have changed. Maybe the locals can chime in and tell you how that re-birth has progressed.


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            I agree with Bill but want to clarify, Norma Nunez runs the restaurant with her family. Nabor passed away a while ago. see their website for menu options:


            If you can make it, note that there is a parking lot in the back of the restaurant if you can't find parking on the street. The area is a little more gentrified than a few years ago, I always feel safe going in and out. Also with the sun going down later there is comfort in that.

            I am very fond of their outstanding service. Also you can create your own combination by ordering ala carte since sometimes some places combinations include something I don't like I don't have to worry about that there.

            And they usually have a seafood special.

            Also El Taco de Mexico on 7th and Sante Fe is terrific, but go during the day the neighborhood can get sketchie. Next door is another neighborhood standby is Joe's Buffet also.

            1. re: aka_zoe

              Thank you for the sad update. It's been too long, since I lived there. Last trip back, a few years ago, he was still at the helm and Norma (thanks, the brain cells could not complete the necessary circuit) was cooking. Many of the family was still working the restaurant, and the food was as good as I recalled.


          2. The carnitas at Las Delicias (the riv) in Glendale. Sabroso