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Jun 4, 2007 08:14 AM

Where is the BEST Pizza in Burlington, MA

Heading to Burlington on a weeknight to meet a friend for dinner. We are hopping to find a place with Great Pizza & Beer and some good conversation. Someone suggested Pizza Works but I don't know anything about this place? Are they what I'm looking for? If not where would be better?

I know most of your chowhounds know lots of great places in other surronding towns but my friend is really looking to stay in Burlington.

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  1. The Flatbread Company, hands down. Fun atmosphere, excellent pizza (could use a little salt, though.) It's actually in Bedford, on the Burlington line. If the mall is on your right, continue on Middlesex Turnpike, and bear right onto Burlington Rd. It will be on your left.

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      Some actual sauce, cheese, and toppings on the pizza would be welcome as well.

      I don't get this place, its nothing at all like the Burlington VT location that actually makes decent pizza. I understand they are franchises, but you would think there would be some minimal quality requirements. The one in Bedford, MA, I don't know what to call that thin bread with "air brushed" toppings - all for the low, low price of $15-$20 a pie? A flavored bread snack? If you're hungry, bring your credit card, because its going to cost you. Best beer selection in Burlington, MA and the immediate area as far as I know.

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        I concur with those who do not recommend Flatbread. I don't dislike it as much as the others, but don't love it either. That said, it has lots of fans on this board. If you do go, the directions above are incorrect. If you're driving up Middlesex Turnpike from I-95, with the Burlington Mall on your right, bear LEFT (not right) on NETWORK DRIVE (not Burlington Road). When Network Drive ends (at Burlington Road), Flatbreads will be in the building on the left.

      2. Well, I live in Burlington and my husband and I have eaten pizza in almost every pizza place around. For take out only:
        1) Flatbread -- rip off for barely any product. I picked up a large pizza there about 2 months ago and thought the box was empty-- it was so light.
        2) Pizza Mia -- on Rte 3A. Pretty good. good toppings, like the crust
        3) Pizza Works -- on Rte 3A. Not so nuts about the crust, but the toppings are really good. No liquor license, usual pizza-shop (plastic booths, etc.)
        4) Captain Pizza -- greasy, but good crust.

        For eat-in

        I would recommend Rocco's in Wilmington for beer and conversation -- about 5 min. from Burlington. Take Rte. 62 to rte 38. About 1.5 miles down on your left. 1) Pappa Razzi, Not Your Average Joe's have pizza

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          Roccos! Wow I have not been there in years!

        2. Paparazzi make a quite good pizza, especially if you ask them to go light on the cheese.

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            I'll second the recommendation on Paprazzi, it's good, and you can sit and relax with a beer or wine.