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Jun 4, 2007 08:13 AM

Fairfax Wegman's

I am going to Wegman's for the first time (gasp!). What's not to be missed in their prepared food selection?

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  1. - The soups are pretty good. I had one of their bisques and enjoyed it.
    - At the seafood counter I like the steamed shrimp with various coatings (herb, cajun, bbq).
    - If you are looking for a quick lunch at the cheese counter I think they still have individual cheese plates (if memory serves correct there are about 4 diff. cheeses and some grapes).
    - Also by the cheese counter they have other prepared food (hummus, stuffed grape leaves, guacamole, and other dips).
    - If you plan to eat it there the asian buffet (thai, chinese, indian, etc.) IMHO is better than the average chinese take-out in the area. I think part of the reason I like it is that around dinner time they frequently replace the items so the food is hot and crispy.
    - If you need a side dish to take home I love the ving. based potatoe salad w/ artichoke hearts and olives.
    - Their flavored breads are pretty good. I just had a parm. rosemary(?) leaf shaped loaf (don't know the proper name of this shape) that was really good. My mother routinely goes there on the weekends for their brioche loaves.

    As a side note: The selection of prepared food at Wegmans is nothing compared to the new Whole Foods. I'm curious to know how they compare in quality.

    1. I have to remember to look for their brioche loaves! The sushi isn't bad, considering what it is, and the chefs are often there preparing. The asian steam table is a guilty pleasure, and has some indian themed items, such as samosas and chicken tikka. There also seems to be a pizza counter and I think another for subs or something.