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Jun 4, 2007 08:10 AM

Bloor West Village

Moving to the neighbourhood - what're the best resto's/bakerys etc. in the area? Thanks in advance...

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  1. Try the search function. Here's what I came up with:

    1. I like Bread & Roses for sandwiches, cookies, and macaroons. Bloom is pretty good. Simply Thai is supposed to be pretty good.

      1. We moved to BWV about a year ago and have been disappointed in our restaurant selection within walking distance from our house (read: no drinking and driving). I've done CH searches in the past, but a lot of them are outdated. One that still stands up is Dr. Generosity. SO loves the Portobelo sandwich with sweet potato fries. Regular fries are great there too. Service is good, specials are good, fish/steak etc are good - nachos are horrible! Bin ends for sale at the front of the bar.

        Generally, when we want a higher end meal, we venture out of the neighbourhood. When we want to head out for a beer and some quick food on a weeknight we've been exploring the neighbourhood without much success. Brydens has had it's moments (BBQ chicken sandwich is good, minus the bacon IMO), but we were once served chicken wings that hadn't quite finished cooking. Didn't like their response when we informed them of the issue, so haven't been back - but others might have a more consistent, better, experience there. They have cheap aps on Mon. As much as I want to love ASA sushi, it is disappointing. I've tried a lot of the places along the Bloor strip and really haven't found a place I love enough to become a regular, so lately, we've ventured further.
        Last week we took the subway a couple of stops west to Royal York and the selection seems more promising there. I haven't been to CRU (but it's next on my list) and it has had some good reviews on this board. There was a nice looking little pocket of Thai, Greek and Italian restaurants on that block. We went to the Crooked Cue (nothing like hockey playoffs to influence one's cholesterol intake) and it was pretty good! At least better than what I've experienced on Bloor between Jane and High Park (with the exception of Dr. Generosity's). I wouldn't travel too far out of my way to get there, but I was happy we took the subway out instead of settling for something closer.
        We've also tried Curry Twist on Dundas - Indian food is one of my faves, was a bit disappointed in this one. Really sweet butter chicken IMO. I've only been once though, so might have just been that night...
        Vesuvio (sp?) pizza and pasta is also there. You'll see lots of their pizza boxes in the recycling bins of the neighbourhood...
        If you're willing to bike or drive, then Roncesvalles is close by with some good options. Fat Cat etc...
        Unfortunately, I haven't found much that I crave within walking distance...if you do - let me know!!!

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          Agreed. BWV restaurants are just average. The Kingsway has much better higher-end restaurants (Bloor & Royal York). I like Merlot and Vibo. Cru is alright. I wanted to try the tapas place but haven't had a chance.

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            I second Dr. G's pretty good family kinda restaurant but I'm also a big fan of Bryden's & I have found it to be maybe the best service in the area...I really dig the casula-comfy-friendly environment...I frequent it quite often and maybe there is a bit of a "Cheers" factor to it in regards to the friendliness of the place but the food is great for a pub...

            On more formal dinning occasions I would reccomend The Grange it is where Toro used to it had a bit of a face-lift and some new isn't busy so I ssume they would appreciate the business...

            I read where Shakey's has new management as well...maybe worth a visit to check it out...but I wouldn't go just for the food...

            I would go on but as most have already clearly pointed It would be easier to point out a list of Don't than Do's...

            1. re: BloorWestie...

              Personally, I would love it if you would go on... Sounds like you've got a lot more knowledge of the area than I do (I still feel new!) and I would appreciate the advice! I agree that Bryden's is friendly and that the menu is good for a pub - but I've found it to be a bit of a hit or miss. One thing though, I don't know if I've ever had better blue cheese dips for wings anywhere - it is great. I think there are a few things on the menu that they do pretty well, but I've been a bit disappointed when I've tried to be adventurous. Certainly their specials are creative.
              Thanks for the heads up about The Grange. I'll check it out.
              Regarding Shakey's - when did the new management thing happen? I went in the winter (yes, for hockey) and the food was surprisingly bad. Should I try it again?

          2. I checked out Brydens lately with the recomendations of some of the chowhounds and I really liked it. Great prices( I think it was half price aps), and I'm trying to recall, I know I had a pretty good burger and sweet potato fries (mm.. with peameal I believe) which was served with a reallly good blueberry dipping sauce.. I think we also had some wings to start which I recall were good as well. Its a tiny place, but its a good pub.
            The other one I went to was just a block up from there, and I think its called a Dark horse ? Its much bigger and I had some really good fish and chips there (nice and crispy batter, fairly large portion). Hope that helps!

            1. Depends on what you're looking for. Easy Friday night dinner of pasta - Queen's Pasta - casual, easy, quite good. If you want Eastern-european desserts (dryer and less sweet pastries) - Anna's Bakery closer to Jane is great. Another favourite is Yumi Sushi. (There's also another sushi restaurant two doors down - we prefer the bigger one.) For a bit fancier fare Blossom can be good. Toro was very good for brunch, I haven't tried the new restaurant that took its place.

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                I agree wodeam - Queen's Pasta is good. Overlooked it in my post....

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                    yes Bloom - sorry.

                    Both Bloom and Strada are on the summerlicious picks (as usual.)

                    Anyone ever go to the Old Mill?