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Jun 4, 2007 07:42 AM

Ducasse bistro Ave de Terrnes??

Has anyone heard of this new bistro and any thoughts??

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  1. BE stands for Boulangepicier. But is is mostly a bakery where you can have lunch. It is very expensive for a bakery but very affordable in absolute prices. The bread is delicious, especially (to my taste) the tourte and the pain aux noix. All sandwiches are remarkable. I have a particular love for their passion fruit tarte. At lunch, coquillettes with truffle and ham is a specialty (a kind of pasta) highly recommendable. And yes, you can buy top notch pasta, olivie oil, and a hand made Nutella-like cream, very intense, served at the Plaza's breakfast, for only 13eur a pot...

    Oh, and it is Boulevard de Courcelles, not Avenue des Ternes (next to the place des ternes).

    My favorite Ducasse place, by far. Just thinking of it makes me hungry. Also wonderful financier "old fashion", which they call Visitandine. But the list could go on and on, it is a blessing for the neighbours.

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      Have been to BE and have to agree that it is good although pricey, but i heard there was a more modern bistro recently opened on ave de terrnes

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        Don't know then. To my knowledge, and having checked on Ducasse's website, all he has in Paris is BE, Plaza, Benoit, Les lyonnais, Spoon, le Relais du Parc, and newly the Jules Vernes, in the Eiffel Tower (not on the website yet).

        And I stillt think that BE is what he does best (the only place in Paris where he invested his own money, by the way).

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          There's also a BE on the 3rd floor of Printemps de la maison/Haussmann.
          I won't be surprised if by next year we see BE all around Paris. About a year ago Marc Veyrat said he wanted to open a chain similar to these, that'll be interesting...

    2. Hi feedmegood. I searched, and here it comes: Ducasse is taking over the Brasserie Rech, avenue des Ternes indeed. It has not reoponed in its Ducassised way yet.

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        perfect.... thank you. Where did you find that out?? I just moved here and am in dire need of figuring out the best way of getting my resto info!
        Any other websites you like??

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          Good resto sites (in French) though:

 (partly in English


          Another perfect forum (in English):

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            I got it from
   is also very useful -- the most active team of food critics in France. Published every wednesday with the Figaro newspapers.
            There is my blog too where I give other links incidentally. And Chowhound of course.
            Reliable paperguides include Lebey, Petitrenault, and of course Michelin. Not, in my opinion, Pudlowski or GaultMillau, which I find focused on the fashion more than the food. Champerard is a useful reference guide for all of France, lists good foodshops as well. There are also two guides of bakeries you might wanna consider, one by the American historian of French bread.

            You can listen to Petitrenault on the website of Europe1, he has recs every weekend.
            Francois Simon is the food critics of Le Figaro, he has a blog . Also a weekly 3min show on Paris Premiere.

        2. Check out this first Rech review by Alexander Lobrano - who has impeccable taste BTW - he says it's not good - and to go back to Le Dome instead.

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            Well that seems to end this thread...

          2. I've not been. But I recently had an excellent meal in that neighborhood at Bath's on Rue Bayern. I recommend this restaurant and wrote a brief review last week...